Monday, November 3

monday monday...

i am hosting a 'skirt' party this friday night with the lovely 'marmalade originals' seemed a great idea at the time...all those weeks ago and it still seems a great idea with just a few days to go. that's if i don't think about all the things i need to get done in the short space of time left...
i think the biggest disadvantage i have going for me right now is i'm a procrastinator...i am quite sure i am not alone in this.

so i must be spurred into action by making a list...
tuesday ("why not today Tif, what's wrong with monday?") well i have used my monday up on 'thinking' about my list, only a few minutes left and the door will be opened by our #3 and i will use him as an excuse to 'ponder' further instead of just 'doing'...

so let's start that over again,
tuesday: dye some 'slips' silver/gray for the 'holidays' (these are my favorites, i have to admit)...whilst Mrs W. Machine does her thing, concentrate on making 'teal' colored slips on Miss Ethel
wednesday: hope old wood 'hangers' purchased from etsy arrive in time for a little 'slip covering' magic...and 'blog'
thursday: make more slips...hopefully with lovely looking silver/gray color...wash and dry
friday: clean and shove piles of things upstairs, 'blog'...then make space ready for the 'skirt' party...this all seems very do able until we get to the bit about the party where i put on the invite 'food' and 'wine' problem with the 'wine' bit, still have plenty left over from turning 40 (excuse me here, i just need to compose myself...i forget i am 40 and then when i remind myself it just takes a little 'mo' to focus again...) it's the bit about 'food' that is bothering me...
i have yet to discover the aisle in the grocery stores that sell prepared fresh party food...i see frozen but not i think i am back to the cheese cube on sticks fiasco...

in the meantime i'm rustling up help from anyone in the house that is willing to pitch far i have had very little response...

according to her list, she will see you wednesday ~ Tif


  1. That sounds like fun! Takeout/carryout from favorite restaraunts in bite size portions on your own pretty plates might be a yummy way to go. :> Hope it goes well!

  2. What about crisps and cheese balls? Haha.
    You could make toasted sandwiches...haha
    Will people need food?
    What about sweets?
    What about a Sarah Lee frozen cake?
    What about some cat biscuits?

  3. Should I promise not to eat anything so you'll need less food? I think you should just stop at the KFC and get a bucket o'chicken. I don't think you can go wrong with a bucket of deep fried meat.

  4. Whip out your crockpot and pannini maker and everthing will be fine... ;)

  5. shop till you drop i say....
    have a great party...

  6. Pizza, garlic bread and tossed salad. And you didn't even ask for ideas did you...I can't remember if you did, but we are giving you ideas by the barrowload, lol!

  7. Such a cute picture of the cat. :)