Sunday, November 9

the straw that broke the camel's back...

i will be gone for a few days...not anywhere special, just at the shed spending time with our new 'visitor', i do not use the word 'addition' just yet...
a 'furry friend' that needs to learn some manners before she is welcome to stay long far in the space of a few hours we have found the cat litter box, sat on the couch uninvited, tossed our water bowl contents around and ...yes wait for it, located my yarn stash.
at some point later this week i hope to show you pictures of our new 'visitor'...they said she was a lab/greyhound mix but quite honestly from where i am sitting, i see the lab but no greyhound just great dane...
she's fearing for her 'doilies' lives ~ Tif


  1. Thanks Tif! You have just reminded me why I don't need to rush out a replace our dear old Jessie.

  2. I know exactly how you feel.We have a new addition too.Little Nell a miniature Schnauzer/Coton du Tulear cross who more than makes up for her little size with plenty of attitude! Lots of puddles and piles to you!

  3. I’m surprised your new mutt isn’t related to my Harry in some way as he’s been on naughty tablets all his life.
    He ‘kills’ balls of wool and thinks cats poo is a delicacy.
    I am thinking of you Tif.
    If he doesn’t fit in take him back and don’t beat yourself up; or get some one to one tuition with a canine behaviorist.

  4. Exciting times! Can't wait to see your new addition and hear more of her adventures. How is 'used dog' coping with the new arrival?

  5. Aww I'm so glad to hear you got an addition! So many dogs and cats need cozy homes like yours.
    My mom woke up one recent morning to find 3 newborn, very cold puppies in a box left on her doorstep. She's bottle feeding them and not getting any sleep but it's so worth it. :0)
    Blue skies are ahead-hang in there! (And stock up on chew toys)

  6. You know what they say... once a dog gets a taste for yarn, she'll hunger for it. Then again, maybe that makes her a kindred spirit, if you want to get right down to it...

  7. I had similar feelings over a kitten, God they really go for the ankles, and it is impossible when you are in bed, you can't move your feet at all. We kept a sheepdog pup in the house for 2 weeks but it was impossible to housetrain, I did everything hourly as I was supposed to. Eventually she had to join the other dogs outside, in a wee pen. I was exhausted with coming home every day to 'presents' all over the place, and boot skidding pee. With 3 kids around my feet it was just too much. Hope you have an intelligent one that catches on quick!

  8. AACCK! Not the Yarn Stash!!! Let me know if you need to hide your stash down the street while you & "visitor" are going through this awkward period!
    P.S. I'm curious how one teaches one's "visitor" not to mess with one's yarn?
    P.S.S. Did dottie's Friday party go well? Emma & I loved all of it! Trish