Tuesday, July 8

spickity span on one side, crappity crap on the other ...

one side of mossy shed is now spickity span with freshly painted white walls and minimal amount of crappity crap. 
in fact there is so little in the space i am thinking it looks like we just moved in ...

in celebration i covered a little footstool with a bit of spiffy barkcloth 

and rustled up a hearth~side seat cushion from two cushion inserts and one of my thrifted russian floral scarves. being most in love with my scarf i did not chop it in anyway thus it can be unpicked if ever the need should arrive. 
immediately it past the test, late last night for a spot of illegal parking.

Kathleen's cupboard is looking most splendid with her coat removed and her inners filled. 

my man huffed and he puffed as we dragged her through from another part of the shed. upon placing her just so, he walked away exclaiming he gave it two months before she would be on the move again. oh ye of little faith.
i am not so sure, for she truly is doing a most peachy job of housing all my most treasured collections.

alas, the other side of mossy shed is not spickity span with its greige walls and maximum amount of crappity crap, and thus the coming days will be filled with sorting things for my first 'pre~loved pop~up shop' in a most thrilling spot, to be announced shortly