Thursday, September 6

thrifted loot...

yesterday upon returning from an impromptu visit to the thrift store on the way back from soccer drop off, i felt like a pirate.
a pirate with his thrifted loot no less.

thrifted loot as follows...

lace window panel and a perfectly 'granny' birdie figurine complete with pearlized finish

two embroidery hoops and a pile of doilies

a gasp worthy pair of vintage plastic flowers and huge curtain ready to be chopped up to make the fourth and final fireside cushion (little olive was particularly excited by this find)

an abundance of crochet thread in the most peachiest of granny chic colours
a pleasant surprise upon arriving home, this little dearie had several crocheted babies hiding inside

yes indeedy, it feels good to be back on the thrifting trail again... it may be a lonesome one at times without my thrifting buddy of the old days, but that is 'a-okay' with me