Friday, September 7

i like you today ...

a few weeks back i volunteered my man to be my fleamarket buddy. obviously he was thrilled by this and so the day 'crack of dawned' for us to set out on our fleamarket expedition. i put him in charge of surveying stalls, noting set ups and folks ways of displaying. on the car ride i explained what attracted me to one stall as opposed to another and he did a very good job at nodding at my wisdom. on the car ride home he proved to me he had done his job by relaying all his visual findings, including agree wholeheartedly the layout of a stall and how the wares are presented made a difference. i issued a gold sticky star and decided right there and then there was great potential for us to see our days out together if he continued to be my fleamarket buddy in this manner. yes i thought to myself 'i like you today'...

i had hesitated before volunteering my man for one reason and one reason only. if he came with me, then he would see what i was buying and this might not be wise at all, not at all. so along with my wisdom on this and that, i also prepped him for knowing i was intent on finding forsaken souls for Gladys. i marveled at his ability to nod in agreement in everything i found and do a brilliant job at carrying things for me, not a mention of 'crappity crap' or 'really Tif?' followed by laughter, left his lips. so another gold sticky star was bequeathed.

one of the finds of our fleamarket moment together, was a small cream mat, embroidered with lovely self coloured stitching, of course i said this was perfect for Gladys out loud to my man, but inside i was thinking "i don't think so, this is one to keep, surely upon all surelies" and so i did. i ferreted it away on arrival back at the shed and pondered my next move

its been the longest time since i stitched a 'just say it like it is' wall hanging and after several days i took out my little found friend and set to work. the cream floral design was so peachy and after adding my words i was overtaken with a need to add colour to the florals and so i did. following the guide of the hands which had worked this piece many years before me, i filled in the blanks and left some of my own...

if perhaps upon seeing this, you may feel the urge to do a spot of embroidery for a wall hanging to brighten up an empty space in your nest, then it is really quite simple. i do not use anything other than a regular pencil borrowed from a clan member and several coloured threads which please me at the time. in my dottie angel book (published by UPPERCASE) you will find a whole chapter on 'just say it like it is' sayings, including a little recipe on making your own. if you do not have a vintage cloth or doily suitable for your needs, fret not, do as i have done many times before, patch some of your fabby fav fabrics together and then embroidery on top. 
when all is said and done, pop it on the spare bit of wall and admire your handiwork.

here is a brilliantly brilliant example of how its done, Sara and her lovely crafty buddies had a dottie angel crafty day, this was their second one this summer, (here is the first one they held earlier) in which they made their own 'just say it like it is' wall hangings. both days looked to be so peachy perfect and i am so delighted my dottie angel book inspired them to feel a little crafty!

i think upon reflecting on the ramble up above, it is quite true to say, thrifty and crafty things are always peachier with a buddy or two

wishing buddy weekends all round dearest readers ~ Tif