Friday, June 26

postcard #1...

we have arrived safely on the ancient soil of England... in the space of twenty four hours i have already crocheted 6 granny squares and bought a pair of boots.

my need to make granny squares became most obvious when i stumbled across the stunning work of Wood & Wool Stool, quite honestly her crafty crocheting skills leave me breathless.
until i saw her lovely wood stools with little crocheted covers i had no idea my world was lacking, but now i've seen them it is most clear that every stool across the globe should be clothed in one of her 'little bits of goodness'. of course my crocheting skills are rather basic but seeing the beauty laid out before me, i knew i needed to challenge myself beyond a plain crocheted square or rectangle. armed with my little pile of yarn leftovers and 'three torn out' pages from my 'complete novice' crochet book i set forth.
("sacre bleu" i hear you cry, "Tif has vandalised a craft book", i fear i had no choice my dearest readers, i could not bring the whole book with me. i promise to reinstate the pages on my return with a nice bit of sticky tape).

and so, i sat down to my first day on a 'small island' to study a granny square pattern. for some time i twiddled around, pretending to know what the instructions were saying. after all not only are my crochet skills most basic they are also rather rusty. after my first attempt i held it up for admiration... there was none, for it was having trouble resembling a granny square.
then i did what i should have done in the first place, i ignored my 'three torn out' pages and made it up... since then things are going swimmingly. i see visions of a wee blanket in no time for 'little olive'. without doubt i will never ever succeed in a large blanket as i have serious 'itchy twitchy' problems when it comes to long term focusing and repeating things. but for now i am most happy with my 6 little squares.

as i have no 'crochet holdall' with me i have taken to carrying around a china fruit bowl i found lurking on my mother's table in her glorified trailer home. i'm not sure it is the most sensible of vessels for transporting my yarn project but then when did 'sensible' ever come into the picture...

and before i sign off postcard #1, i must tell you i found a lovely pair of boots, i was not looking for boots in any shape or form, but they found me. of course they were the last pair in my size adding to my "but i've only just got here, perhaps i should think about it" dilemma.
then it dawned on me as i tried them on for the third time that afternoon, driving the sales lady nuts, they could quite possibly make me have an air of perhaps coming from some Scandinavian country.

now of course i haven't frequented many Scandinavian countries, therefore giving me no authority whatsoever to make such judgements upon a pair of boots and who might wear them. but it makes me happy and after all i am getting into the vacation spirit... chunky boots and yarn in tow...

she is thanking you kindly for the 'our #1' leaving the nest support and will see you next week with postcard #2 ~ Tif


  1. you look so adorable (if i can say that to a 40ish year old gal). love your scando-esque boots.

  2. Having moved to Texas last year from my homeland England, I am following your trip avidly! wish I was there!
    Fellow Brit Abi
    Ps. love the boots.

  3. the square are lovely, so are the boots! most scandinavian i would agree, though having never been there myself either :) i fear my summer trip back to the uk will hold such "can't find that in italy" temptations for me too, i always end up coming back with much more than intended, usually from the terribly/wonderful alure of charity shops!
    have a fab time.

  4. 'Miss Lola' heard your name today and said "oh yes, she's very funny. She can come and play with me". What high praise! Fabby boots and adore the squares.

  5. Is that postcard Minehead?

    Reason I ask is i've got a photograph that shows an identical hill and all.

  6. Glad you arrived safely! Now if you were nearer the north of the country you could have been visiting Woolfest in the Lake District tomorrow. I'm heading off with knitting buddies at 6am tomorrow!

    Love the new boots and the colours of the granny squares!

  7. Love your granny squares - you'll be doing freeform next! Love the pics too. Those boots are rather gorgeous. But I bet when you return home they'll only remind you of a lovely summer in Blighty! Hope you're having a lovely holiday! :) K

  8. love the granny squares...
    i too find it much easier to just "wing it" when it comes to many crocheting project...
    I am lucky that I can read most patterns and follow them but when they are mammoth i do tend to have no patience...
    at the moment i am crocheting pillow covers in the zig zag pattern and i am loving them..
    thanks for the "stool"link how clever are they...
    totally gorgeous...
    thanks for the "postcard"...
    love the pics...

  9. ...and what beautiful little squares they are, i'm sure Olive(?) is going to love her wee blankie!
    i love the colours and the way you wind your yarn into cute little balls... you have me thinking i need a bowl of such cute yarny goodness on display somewhere... obviously that means i need to go shopping for more of the yummy stuff ;)
    cute boots too, perfect for our british summers... !

    speak soon,

  10. Love the squares. Enjoy the lovely summer days we having here in the UK, hope you didnt get caught out in the drenching thunderstorm today though.

  11. They are lovely and I may follow your stool idea. :)

  12. I must say on behafe of all Scandinaviens we are flattered for beeing link to such beautiful boots.:) I must also just thank you for such a wonderful blog you have.
    Have a fantastic time in England, and please come to Norway next.

    Love from the westcoast of Norway.

  13. Love the squares, and love the bowl from mum even more! How perfect the squares & yarn look in the creamy bowl! Sounds like you're having a blast there!
    More later from the neighborhood...

  14. where did you find such a wonderful sweater?