Monday, June 29

postcard #2...

dearest readers,
every year we make a trip to a unspoilt beautiful beach on the coast of south devon just a few miles from my folks place...
four generations of my family have sat upon this beach and every time i return, it feels like i am 'coming home' inside of me.

this visit the sun was shining, quite frankly it was positively balmy and i cannot recall for many a year the need for suncream and a sundress. my usual attire is a thick cardie, towel wrapped around any exposed bits and the only way to escape the wind is to lie as flat as possible upon the pebbles.

and so i reacquainted myself with the green green grass of home...

the blue blue sky and the blue blue sea...

and with silly things along the way...
and then as if that wasn't enough, i found my door.

the door i didn't know i was looking for, the one that belongs to my imaginary beach house.
for forty years i have passed by this door, and never noticed it's existence.
but now i have... and i see it has been waiting most patiently for it's moment to shine within my imagination.

she is off to do some thrifting tomorrow of the 'utmost kind' with her mother in tow and will report 'all findings' on friday ~ Tif


  1. What a lovely thing to do, a family ritual carried into adulthood! It all sounds perfect - even your Alice In Wonderland find. Glad you're having such a lovely break. Be careful of bottles marked Drink Me on your thrifting! :) K

  2. Love the photos Tif, so pleased you found a toadstool to stand on! Can't wait to see your thrifty finds!
    Rachel x

  3. I was just popping over to comment on the success of the awesome crochet squares to find postcard 2 had arrived, I must agree with the need for woollies & wellies on a beach and isnt that door marvellous? maybe its like the doors in Howl's moving castle and you'll find it opens up somewhere just round the corner from where you live.........

  4. Ok, getting homesick now! But loving the posts from the motherland. If you cross the Tamar and bump into someone called Farmer Jean - please say hi, she's my mum.


  5. yes tif that is your door!!!
    even if you had found lots of doors there is no denying that that is yours...
    well done...
    and lots of luck nicking it and then getting it on a
    but what am i saying just take that pic back to that coop building hubby of yours and he will knock it up in no time...he's going to love me for suggesting that...

  6. Lordy, I love your posts! You're making me homesick but that's not going to stop me visiting, x

  7. Didn't I say the sun was back!!

  8. Sounds like you are having a lovely time and perfect weather. Here on the east coast of Scotland the sea haar has only just receded! Don't think we are going to get a heatwave - just the thundery showers....

    Love your Orla Kiely bag - that reminds me I never posted about the lovely dishtowels you sent! I must do that...enjoy the thrifting.

  9. once again, i'm in love with your outfit! the whole ensemble, i just love it! so glad you had a great revisit. -emily