Tuesday, June 23

'adieu' but not...

a few hours to go and we will be flying across the pond to 'old blighty'
this year it will be a little different...
my man and 'used dog' will stay behind to 'hold the fort'
our #3 will not be carrying his pen knife in his backpack, when going through security.
but the most difference of all will be our #1 not coming with me.

for she is spreading her wings and going in a different direction this summer, one that takes her to the east coast where she will study textile design for eight weeks.
on one hand, i am so excited for her and the opportunities that await her...
but on the other hand my little body is just 'gasping for breath' at the thought of her out in the 'big world' on her own without me to keep her 'safe'.
i know one has to let go at 'sometime' but i didn't think that 'sometime' would come quite so quickly. in the blink of an eye, seventeen and a half years have gone past and my little baby stands before me, ready to leave... and quite honestly dear readers it's one of thee most 'bitter sweet' moments in my mothering career so far...

but still i have plenty of distractions ahead of me, such as lovely charity stores, british chocolate and of course spending time with my family...
in the meantime i am distracted from my 'last few hours with her' by wondering where on earth my UK driving license is ("phew" i hear you chorus together) and noting that waiting till two hours before the 'off' to cut our #3's hair was not perhaps the best of 'planning'.

and before i say 'adieu' i must tell you dearest readers that i am 'chuffed to bits' to see my sales on etsy add up to 198!!! (i included my meagre excuse of a vintage shop in this count to make it look super duper grand!)... i did have a target of 200 that i set myself a few months back, and quite honestly i thought it 'pie in the sky' wishful thinking, considering how tough times are for many a folk.
so i am blown away by the fact when people are counting pennies everywhere and being most selective in what they purchase, they have chosen to shop 'dottie angel'. a 'thank you' goes out to any of my customers that may perchance be reading this and of course a 'big thank you' goes out to you dearest readers, who have taken time from your busy lives to drop by and visit with me for a while. i am never quite sure what i give to you, but you give to me the confidence to be me. and that my dearest friends is quite honestly the greatest gift of all...

and last but not least, i will not be leaving you for long, ("oh no! can't we get rid of her just for a bit" i hear you cry)
nope, i'm going to be hanging around. for i have a plan, a cunning plan and it involves sending you postcards from a small island, an island that i am proud to call my homeland and the first one will be on your 'cyberspace' doorstep by the end of the week...

till then she is wishing you a lovely few days and herself 'sanity' wherever she goes ~ Tif


  1. Hope you have a wonderful time! Glad to know you will still be writing from UK, : )

  2. I just posted about the bitter-sweetness of my youngest's high school graduation. I'm sobbing buckets as he sets off for two weeks in France. Godspeed and have a lovely visit back home.

  3. Come on over and enjoy all we have to offer - Wimbledon is on, the Glastonbury Festival is this weekend so there's sure to be rain...wouldn't be the same without the mud....

    Your daughter's summer sounds so exciting! I am sure she will have a ball and just think of all the stories you'll have to tell when you meet again!

    Looking forward to the postcards!

  4. Have a delicious time away home. Congratulations on your etsy selling. You look grand atop your bench with your groovy luggage.
    As for the new stage of motherhood, breathe deep and know that you have helped inspire a young woman to fly!

  5. bon voyage dear tif! sad about your no.1 but textile must be proud. xxx

  6. what a fantastic eight weeks your girl will have and you will remain strong for her... i just know it x
    safe journey my dear friend - the weather is good and the chocolate is plentiful!
    t x

  7. Have a safe trip, Tif! Enjoy your time back 'home' and I can't wait for the postcards.

    Your daughter is going to have so much fun.

    Congratulations on the Etsy feature and the great thrift finds in the previous posts and on your sales milestone. I love the new thrifted bench!

    ~ Jennifer

  8. Have a wonderful time - and hope that pesky gnome hasn't stowed away in your luggage again (although secretly I hope he has as he had the best adventures last year!!).

  9. Have a lovely trip! I have no idea how you do the parting with your no.1. I still have my apron strings firmly tied, and for now at least he is happy that way... perhaps it will last another few decades...... :-) I like that you're coming closer for bit! t.x

  10. it's so exciting for you daughter...
    8 weeks will fly for her and be the longest ever for you...but the hours of catching up will be memorable...
    have a lovely "grand" trip tif...
    and can't wait to see the postcards from abroad...

  11. Guess what!? The sun is back!!

  12. Best wishes for a fabulous safe trip! So glad there'll be postcards :) Have to confess, though... don't know if I'm more jealous of you (going to the UK)... OR..... your lovely #1 (doing a textile design course)! ;)
    Seriously, though, I can't even imagine my eldest daughter going off on her own - it is such a big moment. But yes, I'd be sooo proud of her choices.
    Take good care, both of you!

  13. Best wishes to you on your travels!! And ditto for your beautiful daughter and her wondrous adventure to the East coast!

    (adorable pic's by the way!)

  14. Have a grand time my dear! I'm envying your journey off to cooler climes than ours here in the hot southwest. And congrats on your Esty store!

  15. You're on the front page of Etsy! (again, I think...)

    I'm jealous of course, but super happy for you, good friend. Have a wonderful vacay, and you REALLY should have taken me up on that offer to keep your store going while you were away. I hope you have someone helping you with it!

  16. You are simply the best. You make me laugh and feel light hearted. So glad I am not having to say I will miss you and that you will be 'around" safe travels for you ALL!

  17. you know the pickings in our charity shops are slim enough without you seasoned pro returning and scooping them up! still I hope you have a great time here and dont miss you little one too much, even if she is getting rather big!

  18. GORGEOUS photos!!!

    Havent read the post yet, but just had to comment on the pics :)

  19. This sounds like a fabulous mystery!
    Have phun with it!
    Smiles, Cyndi