Monday, June 22

essential packing...

today is a 'headless chicken' kind of day... (i said that in hushed tones so as not to send a 'shiver of fear' through every little chickies body in the vicinity)
you know the sort of day, the day before the 'off'...
i have spent the last few days tidying and cleaning so everything looks 'peachy fresh' around the shed, i went to bed last night feeling in control, practically laughing in the face of 'Miss In Control' herself.

i awoke this morning and it all became clear, 'Miss In Control' was laughing at me...
oh the fool that i am, my list of 'must dos' has grown from one or two things to an enormous mountain of 'oh crap, i need a miracle' pile of things.

of course some very 'quick thinking' ones amongst you may actually be saying "well really Tif, do you think blogging is a priority, on a day like this".
and yes, your wiseness is once again above mine. but it's an addiction is it not, a fix that must be 'got' to be able to get on with the day, otherwise in the back of my head this continuous 'babble' is going on. a 'babbling' i experience everyday, whirling around... all these imaginary conversations i am having with you, dearest readers.

but do not worry for me and my packing of 'undies' and other utmost important items, for i am well stocked with delights to get me through today.
and with that, i must away to my piles of essential packing... determined this time to take with me 'crafty' projects that i have been wanting to work on for a wee while now...

a crocheted blanket for little olive (thank goodness she won't be too critical as it's been the longest time since me and my hook have hooked up!!! ha, wasn't that just the best pun ever... "she's crazed, she's losing it, she's drowning in piles of undies and other such things" i hear you cry).

and some linens that i wish to embroider ramblings upon... i also have a journal with me this time, so i may ponder moments and register them onto paper, thus making me feel like i am a deep and mysteriously creative person who travels around with children in tow, looking eclectic and bohemian and not as i fear
'like a headless chicken'...

she will see you tomorrow for a final 'adieu' ~ Tif


  1. oh I am so glad it is not just me- somehow the longer the list, the more I wish to be in blogworld! Can you blame me when it's as beautiful as this! t.x

  2. all that yarn looks so inviting! You'll have great fun with it, and Olive will love it! Glad you & The Hook will be reunited...

  3. Indeed, you are well stocked with delights! Have a safe journey!
    Rachel x

  4. The loveliest of pillowcases arrived today and she has filled my room with joy after a day I would rather forget. Thank you so much for brightening my day. -Amanda

  5. Oh the colours of that yarn are stupendous. Enjoy the hooking x

  6. Fabulous post as always! And yes, we are all addicts in this way - I am the same ;) Au revoir to the chooks and a bientot to you... until tomorrow. (I actually thought you'd flown the coop already!) K

  7. yarn and chocolate... what else do you really need for an exciting trip ;)

    btw, if you're coming north of the border we can get together and have an afternoon with tea and hooking!

    have a safe trip my friend, i'm sure you'll fly through your list and be on your way before you know it :)


  8. Hello. I've just discovered your blog (via etsy) and wanted to say how LOVELY it is! Beautiful images, fab vintage finds. I'm addicted! Looking forward to reading more.
    Victoria xx

  9. I'm glad i came across to your site.. I enjoyed browsing your blog!