Friday, June 19

things of 'note'...

or perhaps not...

1. my dishwasher has been restored to it's full glory, and so has my sanity. (for the time being...)

2. the 'mouse that happened' in my studio has gone on vacation several miles from here.
however it has become apparent that before he left, he had invited his cousin to stay...

3. i have found the secret to looking youthful... when you have no time for the little luxuries in life like 'five minutes to paint toe nails' then 'chipped polish' makes you feel eight years old again.

4. there is a gremlin living inside the shed, first the dishwasher and now my printer. in my hour of need, with 38 ramblings requiring printing, it became sick. at eleven o'clock last night after several hours of cursing my man helped it make a full recovery. as my 'art installation' ramblings and everything else were due at their destination 10 am this morning, this did not do my 'graying hair' any good at all...

5. i am totally in love with being a 'mother hen', they are such time wasters to watch, and unlike children they don't talk back and appear to appreciate every little thing you do for them.

6. i feel a path is opening up before me... where it will take me, i've no idea but i'm sure i will find out sooner or later.

7. i may take 'perfect looking' pictures of our shed, but i can assure you there is chaos to the right of it and chaos to the left. when i look at these 'small windows of tidiness' it makes me feel calmer.

8. school is out for the summer... and i am so happy to be spending ten weeks being waited on hand and foot, ha!!! once again i'm living in a dream world...

9. i have been bequeathed the title of 'admin' to a group called 'all colours in' by the lovely emma lamb. it is a most important role and i have to tell you the power has gone straight to my head and i am wielding my 'flickr' invite privileges all over the place...

10. i shall be spending this weekend in a whirlwind of cleaning, washing and packing for i will be touching down in old blighty next week and i cannot wait.

she will see you on monday and is wishing you the 'fabbiest of fabby' weekends ~ Tif


  1. What a fabulous post! I laughed out loud so many times - thank you this saturday morning loveliness :) Wishing you fine weather and independently active children! K

  2. oh I can see cards or postcards or well something printed on paper...
    PLEASE... add some to your shop!!!
    and don't let the gremlins stuff up you camera...we want lots of pics of you exhibition...

  3. oh, what eagle eyes you have michelle, quite obviously no 'bi-focals' for you yet... bravo!

  4. lovely pictures!
    love your blogg....

    have a great weekend -
    hugs from moa in norway

  5. oh tif, it does sound a bit chaotic... but i'm sure in your home it's the most perfect looking chaos... :)

    and i'm so excited about the installation for you, i hope it leads to wondeful things... :)

    oh, and thank you for the wee mention and doing such a fab job with the group... it's looking really amazing!

    have a wonderful weekend too my dear... :)


  6. Beautiful images. Especially the first one. Love the colors and vintage patterns!

  7. i'm new to your blog and really love it. i actually slow and read your wonderful writing and the photos are delightful.

  8. thanks you ladies for popping by my little blog to say hello, it has cheered me no end and made for a lovely start to the weekend...
    i can now go about doing my 'cleaning' duties with a warmed heart :)
    Tif x

  9. so....are you coming to my neck of the woods then?!

  10. OMG, Tif! Congrats on the Apartment Therapy post!!! Always a fan :)


  11. ohhh, how happy am i to have come across your blog? what a wonderful enchanting place it is, you've made me smile lots as i've been looking at various old posts, thanks! i shall certainly be bookmarking and coming back to visit!
    nadia (another brit living overseas!)

  12. I hope that you have a great time in England!

    Loved the post - particularly the dream of being waited on hand and foot......

    And apologies if I seem to be posting twice! My browser is misbehaving!