Thursday, May 21

wall doilies...

for a moment there i was beginning to think you had all locked your 'thinking caps' in a cupboard and thrown away the keys.

i do however thank you lovely readers that did come up with some suggestions...
in the end i have come up with the name
'wall doilies'

seems a nice little play on the words
'wall flowers'
it all sounds pretty and sweet (hopefully not too sweet, but perhaps 'little girls vintage bedroom' sweet)...

the rain has moved aside for sun and it's all warming up a treat around here...
i have no thrifty spoils to show this week but i do have to tell you tomorrow i head off on a top secret mission. ("oooh, Tif... such intrigue, such suspense")
i know... you can always rely upon moi to be up to something. a while back a friend commented to me "why do you always add something into the mix when things are ticking along just fine"... and it is a good question one should ask one's self on occasion and then not dwell on the answer.
a little clue for you would be to say my man said "this is it Tif, this will be the last for a good long while." to which i replied
"yes, of course... at least until our #1 leaves the nest, because then i will have a whopping great big hole in my life to fill!" (and we all know that isn't so very far away, sniff)

on the chicken front, we hold our 'chicken coop' christening party on Saturday...
not a huge grand affair just a few friends around for drinks and a wee game of 'footie' in the back yard. the weather is suppose to stay peachy all weekend long so i'm imagining a wonderful alfresco affair, that is until i focus on the fact i must prepare some 'nibbles' (and no, i will not be preparing 'chicken anything' as that would be plain wrong)...

she will see you on Tues, as it's a bank holiday here... she's taking a wee break to soak up the sun and hopefully get over her hacky 'not nice in public' cough
(which Tasha experienced first hand in the Bank today, "oooh, which Tasha would that be, Tif?"
oh, that would be 'the Tasha who recently tied the knot' eeek!) ~ Tif


  1. Love your blog + your etsy goodies!

  2. oh now the suspense is killing me...
    now if it is a new airstream i will surely burst...
    maybe another cute and fluffy friend?
    or a visit to a far away op shop that is brimming with extraordinary finds?
    oh do tell soon...

  3. eeeekkkkkkkk.....
    i am totally beyond excited!!!!
    good luck ;)
    t x

  4. I love the wall doilies and now can't wait to find out what you are going to do.

  5. love, love, love your wall doilies my dear, such an inspired idea! my walls suddenly look so bare... :)

    anyway, can't wait to see what the top secret mission is all about...!