Tuesday, May 26

laying low...

i'm staying quiet this week, the lurgy has got me in a full headlock grip.
i'm just going to hang around the shed, try to take it easy and give the lurgy it's marching orders once and for all...

she will see you at the end of the week with news of her top secret mission ~ Tif


  1. I'm sure playing tarzan will help your lurgy no end!

    Hope you feel better soon.

  2. You look simply GAWGEOUS up there on that tire swing!

  3. Bad lurgy... Go away and leave dottie angel alone. I don't think lurgies can catch you up on that swing, and if I had a tire swing and a cute dress like yours, I'd be right there too. (:

  4. hoping the lurgy is out of there soon...
    this pic is magazine it

  5. I love that second one!

    I hope you're feeling better in no time.

  6. oh dear, i really hope you start to feel better soon... :)

    btw, i love your new little image links... very cute!

  7. Love the photo shots! Banish that lurgy away ,once and for all!
    Rachel x