Wednesday, May 20

doily picture thingy~me~bob...

i have had a wee embroidered pesky squirrel sitting on my sewing table for several weeks now.
when i found the little doily place mat at an antique place i knew exactly what i wanted to do with it, i just had to figure how to do it...

yesterday, whilst struggling to focus on the bags, a little bolt of inspiration hit me with regards to the wee squirrel.

so with the help of trusty Miss Ethel and a piece of cardboard, i have created a doily picture thingy~me~bob...

who tomorrow will be placed in the window of my little store, but not before i have actually worked out what to call it. any bright suggestions of wisdom here would be appreciated. i fear my little inspirational brain cells are mute this week and as i have another two i would also like to put along side this wee pesky squirrel, i really need all the help i can get...

she's got to get out of the shed... oh, well fancy that, it's thrifting day ~ Tif
footy note: having just been out to feed the chickens, i have come over all hot and clammy (and not in a good way i can assure you) so i shall forgo my thrifting ways (shock, horror) and stay home with used dog and a cup of tea instead...


  1. Sweet doily thingy me bob. That did make me chuckle because that's an expression I use a lot xxx

  2. Perdita (the squirrel) Wall Cozy?

  3. And speedy recovery. So sorry you're down with the ick.

  4. Snickers (or Marathon if you are old and English)...a hazelnut in every bite! I hate being poorly too.

  5. Squirel Mirror? Fancy me a squirel?

  6. I hope you're feeling better soon!

    Love the wall hanging! Although, I have none of my own, I like Lola Nova's name suggestion.

  7. Tif -
    I love the squirrel! Your blog always inspires me and makes me smile! I've listed you as one of my favorites and given you an "award". You can view it here if you wish and play along.

  8. dear one....
    hoping that you are already on the mend .....
    please rest and drink lots - i shall be thinking of you and sending you smiley thoughts.
    t x
    p.s.... you are so pretty in your pictures - i say take many more whatever your helpers charge :)