Saturday, May 30

Tif, the lurgy and a pair of curtains...

it would appear that Mr Lurgy has invited his friends Miss Sinus and Master Bronchitis to join the party...

so despite the lovely sunny weather i will be remaining indoors, behind closed curtains... reclining upon my 'lurgified' bed and trying to stop my 'little creative' cogs from whirling around and around...

she will see you in a few days ~ Tif


  1. Oh, you poor thing! Don't worry about not being outside. It's much too hot anyways. Feel better soon!

  2. i hope the party breaks up soon!

    (((get well)))

  3. Ugh - may the lurgy be banished very very soon...get well!

  4. I LOVE those curtain. You have a real talent for putting together fabric combinations. Feel better!

  5. get well soon miss tif. lovely curtains by the way, i love the yellow. did you make them from your sick bed? x

  6. I hope you feel better soon Tif!

    I really like the curtain and the lampshade. Every time I stop in I'm inspired to start sewing. I haven't yet but my pile of vintage linens is up to five large totes and growing. I think I ought to do something with them soon before they take over my entire home!

    Feel better soon...

  7. Oh No! Does your bout with the lurgy mean the Olive surprise didn't happen?! Hope you feel better soon. Do you need me to bring you some tofurkey soup?