Tuesday, May 19

the cogs turnieth no more...

just as i get into the swing of things i am laid low by a cold, i'm not complaining, just frustrated by the continuous cycle of flu and cold bugs that seem to be coming my way of late.
i had thought that i may achieve some 'great things' this week in the way of sewing but it does not appear to be... i have noted that when 'under the weather' my ability to 'create' is greatly hampered. everything takes longer to do and nothing seems to 'flow together' as it should...

that being said i did manage one bag yesterday. this was an experiment of sorts... i took my bucket bag design, made it bigger and added a quilted strap for comfort.
it is constructed entirely out of recycled finds...

a linen tapestry piece (for the front)
a large doily (appliqued over tapestry)
a retro tablecloth (for the back)
a shell button (placed on doily)
a small doily (for detailing on side)
a bed sheet (for lining and quilted handle)
a wee vintage placemat (for interior pocket)

i am now working on some larger bucket bags for the shop, but not quite sure how well that is going to go... i keep getting distracted by
nose blowing,
chicken watching

she is thanking you kindly for your 'picture' support ~ Tif


  1. tif...
    hope you are feeling all chipper soon...
    we have four new(grown up) fluffy feeted chickens to add to our collection...and because they look different i can actually name these...
    my other girls are all identical and really hard to tell apart...i call of of those "sophia"...

  2. I hope you feel better soon..

    I LOVE the new bag you made...dreamy!

    xo Laura

  3. Love your work! Hope you feel better soon.