Monday, February 2

still here...

it would appear that i will not be flying the nest today.

the snow that has engulfed dear blighty has caused my flight to be cancelled.

i have hung up my 'hangar' sized undies until tomorrow and my skirt ("a skirt, Tif...are you mad enough to travel in a skirt?"). i thought it would make a change to the usual baggy trousers...i can't do jeans and anything remotely 'static like' turns me into a big electrical current.
i feel now i have turned 40 i need to become a 'traveller' with style.
the sort you look at in airport lounges who look so effortlessly, casually, elegantly, grownupperedly, perfect in their 'get up'.
so i have a flowery skirt, winter boots and long cardi all ready.

i am also going to be most grown up and travel with my own blanket ("actually isn't that what 'wee tots' do?") yes, that is quite true dear readers but i'm not taking a 'barney' blankie, no, no, i am taking a sophisticated knitted number, to give me just the right 'crafty' boho look...also allowing me to avoid 'massive static cling' syndrome that seems to come with airplane blankets...(can you tell i have time on my hands with the flight being cancelled...i am now twitting on about blankets for crying out loud)

anyway i have high hopes that i will not accidentally leave my skirt tucked into my gigantic 'knick knacks' when leaving the airplane loo...i did this once when aged 17 walking down a main street in Cambridge. in those days i had smaller undies and a 'perter' backside, now a days it would be the biggest social horror to commit on fellow passengers, especially if one happened to be close to a lovely chap like Colin Firth or someone of similar loveliness...

so the shed has been cleaned to within an inch of it's life, all laundry completed with not much help from Mrs W. Machine, furry friends cuddled, notes written and i am now sitting around twiddling my thumbs and waiting...
in the meantime my delightful family will find out this afternoon that 'mum' is still here and even more concerning for them...i will be here to cook...

fingers crossed she will take off tomorrow ~ Tif


  1. It is still snowing here in England - but I DO so hope you get home to your Mum soon!!
    Just bring warm gloves and thick socks!

  2. it is lovely & deep in snow here in London & oh so quiet. Fingers crossed you get to take off tomorrow and have a wonderful time in Devon, I will there in 3 weeks, I can't wait.

  3. oh tiff i'm sure you will look quite lovely in your boho outfit...
    if you see colin on the plane be sure to slip him your number as i'm sure he would be only too happy with you whipping up a travel blankie for him too...

  4. poor you!

    As you know any smattering of snow brings England to a complete standstill! The boys have had 2 days off school (and I'm not hopeful for tomorrow), the roads have not been gritted or snow ploughed either- 'we' seem to be waiting for it to melt by itself...

    hope you get to fly tomorrow.

  5. You better put some woolly tights on under that flowery skirt.It's pretty nippy over here wouldn't want you to catch a cold!

  6. My 13 year old set off with school on 204 mile journey to Stanstead Airport yesterday morning in megga snow, only find their flight to Sovenia cancelled, because of megga snow. They had to travel all the 204 miles back in megga snow and cancel their trip.
    I hope you get here without too many more delays. Have a wonderful time with your family.

  7. travel safely dear friend and the snow news is not good - it seems we are running out of salt
    and grit.....
    whatever next?
    speak soon
    t x
    (also travelling but with far less style than yourself, and wearing my one and only pair of clean knickers so i clearly cannot put up with any delays....)