Friday, January 30

taking a trip...

in a few days, i will be leaving the safety of my 'nest' and heading across the pond to the comfort of my parents 'nest' on the delightful coastline of devon.
after a wee while i will pack my bags and travel to the outskirts of the 'big smoke' to spend time with my pal Debbie who in her hour of need, requires 'moi and my magic paint brush' to help her feather her 'new nest'

i can't promise you sunshine, i can't promise you laughter, i can't promise you good times, but i can promise you lots of 'quotation marks'...
so if you fancy joining me and my over sized underpants (just in case of emergency landings) then i welcome you to walk a mile (or fly thousands) in my shoes and start packing your little 'cyber' bags...

bon voyage and she'll see you (god willing), tippity tapping on her dad's keyboard in good old blighty on wednesday ~Tif


  1. Have a great trip. It'll be kinda nice to think your over here, just a few hundred miles away, being dottie in Blighty.
    On second thoughts, don't you go buying up all our charity shop doilies to take back with you! lol!

  2. What's the deal with the 'single' quotation marks? Are you trying to wean yourself off the "doubles"? "Godspeed" and have a 'lovely' visit!

  3. hope you won't need those oversized britches. :)

  4. Have a safe trip! Enjoy it.

  5. bon voyagee! hope those big knickers are thermals...we have snow forecast today!! x

  6. prepare for snow. the country appears to be on shutdown. apparently all london buses are cancelled today, and some of the tube too!

  7. lovely picture. have a lovely time.