Tuesday, February 3

my bags are packed and i'm ready to go...

it would appear that i have a small window of opportunity to make it across the pond before the snows come again...i am taking that opportunity and will leave within the next hour or so.
i have my 'lucky' large undies on and my 'woolies' are packed.

i find it ironic that after weeks of miserable weather and having seen enough snow to last me the year, i leave what has to be the most beautiful gloriously sunny warm day and head towards snow and cold...but of course it's worth it :)

so toes and fingers crossed she will see you in a day or two, in snowy old england ~ Tif


  1. oh my!!! england...i can't believe that i never worked that's mammoth...
    now when i read your post from over the pond...i will get it...
    i'm so slow...

  2. have a good trip... its a bright blue sky and sun here today in Derbyshire, but there is still a layer of snow on the ground.

  3. Hope your travels are delightful. Pictures please.