Thursday, January 29

me and my addiction...

it would appear that for nearly two years i could be accused of committing a cyber crime...
our #1 sent me this article
and she said (and i quote) "mum, i didn't even bother to read this...i just saw the title and knew it was talking about you"

i read it and my little heart sank.
yes, i am a 'quotation abuser' of the worst kind. i can't help it, i like the extra little frilly bits on the keyboard that help to decorate my ramblings, without them i would remain 'mute'...
this is not the first time i have read about this condition of mine. my man told me a few months back about blogs that point the finger at people like myself, accusing us of crimes commited against the english language...making us feel unworthy of our space in blogland, making us doubt our abilities.

the rest of the day passed in a blur of 'self doubt' and being plaqued by thoughts of giving up my happy place. my little blog, that has helped me feel like i am a little bit 'okay' is now making me feel like i am a sinner, a wrong doer...

i went to bed with a nagging voice inside of me saying "you know what it said Tif, it said a good writer does not rely on quotations to express themselves...face it Tif, it told you plain as day...if you use quotes in your writing then you are a crap writer"

i woke this morning with it playing heavy on my mind, how is it that something written by someone else has such an impact on me, makes me doubt myself so easily...why do they feel they have a right to judge me and my 'quotation addiction'.

then it came to me dear readers, when in the past two years of ramblings have i ever stood up and called myself a writer?
"never" i hear you cry,
"say it again dear readers"
"thank you" i reply

and before i rest my case may i just add, just to make it really clear.
i have never given myself the title of writer, maybe mother, wife, daughter, crafter, 'shit shoveller' and 'vomit picker upper' to animals and crap cook but never, ever 'WRITER'.
so there we have it, i will carry on my abusive ways and not give two brass monkeys as to whether i offend the english language connoisseurs because let it be known to all that care to read my twitterings from time to time...(to which i thank you by the way)

i am a 'creative rambler of words' with an addiction to 'quotation marks' and i'm proud of it

she's glad she got that off her chest ~ Tif


  1. I "like" you just the way you are. Ramble on dear one.

  2. This strikes me as funny, because many of those that use correct grammar are...boring. Yes, you are an abuser, but you are an excellent story-teller. This shouldn't be taken lightly. You should call yourself both a blogger and a writer. I love your stories and think your blog is great.

    A fan. :>

  3. I love all your quotation marks...and you may not be a writer, but I sure enjoy your little take on things!

  4. oh i too am a "dot,dot,dotter"...
    and have a evil habbit of not putting a capital letter unless i'm really bored and then i have to go through the whole piece and fix everything...
    dot,dash and exclaim away i say...
    the more the merrier...

  5. you go girl!
    i too have been accused of not writing correctly, informed that i simply MUST use capital letters.... well, frankly i detest capital letters - they make me feel as if i am shouting - and who loves a shouter?
    nobody - that's who.
    we will stand together and we will write as we like...
    side by side
    hand in hand
    whippet fans and so called bad ladies that write - unite :)
    love to you dear friend
    t """"" ******** XXXXXXX

  6. As a serial comma abuser (hmm, sounds like a bad pun), (hmm, "bad pun" ~ sounds redundant), (hmm, I seem to use that little "~" thing when I don't know what else to use), I am guilty of butchering the English language as well! I have not, nor will I ever, resort to the use of "text speak" or emoticons. LOL :-)

  7. thank you for all your sweet support for my 'quotation abusive' ways...i spent the rest of the day with Joss Stone in my head, singing "i've got a right to be wrong"...
    and to dear 'greedy nan', i always always wear my washing up gloves when dealing with vomit, for those that know her from the good life, i resemble Margot (oh how i hope my memory serves me well on the name). she was never without her 'washing up gloves' at times of dealing with 'yucky' things...

    i feel much happier today knowing i have a 'band' of english language abusers by my side...united in our need to 'spice' up our ramblings with a little ' or " or ! or * or : or ; or # or @ or ^ or { or whatever takes our fancy on any given day
    Tif ;)

  8. You're making me laugh. But, then that's no small surprise. You just keep using those quotation marks, we like you just the way you are! I think they give your posts 'character'. I just consider them all a part of the whole 'Dottie Angel' persona.

    Besides, I do plenty of abuse of my own.

    It's nice to know we're all in such good company.