Thursday, November 13

'found dog'...

the past four days have felt more like forty...i have opened my door and my heart to 'found dog' who comes with so much 'baggage' that i can not keep her...she tried so hard and because of that i tried hard, but in the end i couldn't give her what she needs.
she broke me...i haven't cried so much in a long time, i cried for her and the fact that i could not help her...she has been gone from mossy shed over one hour, there is a strange calm and 'used dog' (who has aged 'one year' in 'one week') is looking at me as if to say "has it all gone away, really tell me, has it all gone away now?"

thankfully there is another 'soft hearted fool' like myself waiting on the horizon, willing to give her what i could not...i am so hopeful that 'found dog' has got her 'forever home'.
and me? well little old me just needs to wipe her tear stained cheeks, pick up the pieces, mend a few broken hearts around the shed, refocus and get her arse into gear...

she will see you on Monday ~ Tif
footnote: no pictures, let's not make this any harder than it already is...


  1. All souls, those furry and those not furry, come into our lives to teach us something. It's never a negative thing, so don't even TRY to go there, it's always a positive thing. Your soul will heal. HUGS.

  2. sounds like you've done the right thing, Tif.

  3. awwww, tif! i'm so sorry it didn't work out.

  4. i'm sure you tried your very best tif. we can't help everyone/thing in life, it's just not possible. and you have plenty a brood already!
    have a lovely weekend. x

  5. aww bess.. *hugs* I know how heart breaking that can be... nearly all my parents dogs and there are quite a few have been thrown away or abused in some manner... it can be difficult to help them but my parents have and sometimes the most important part is that you found her and that you found somone to give her a good home.. you have done a good thing, and try not to be too sad over it, broken hearts can be mended with time. And you did the best possible thing to help that dog to find a place that is right for her.

    take care.. and try to have a lovely weekend.

  6. Go easy, it aint simple getting arse in gear at same time as pulling pants up whilst maintaining a stiff upper lip and keeping chin up. Hugs, liZZie

  7. oh tif...
    can relate as before we got millie our jack russell we tried really had to give a good home to a aged labrador but sadly she did seem to get scared and a tab agressive that and with two small children that came first i couldn't risk "oldest and dearest" was biten badly by a german shepard went he was 5 and it was the neighbors pet...
    whatever the reason it was just ment to be and found dog will be just fine...

  8. You have done the hardest thing but made the right choice.
    It can be very alluring to those of us who love animals to want to give a home to some waif or stray but maybe you can help animals in other ways?
    Maybe make a cushion or slip and give the money to the animal shelter the dog came from?
    I am desperate for a cat but I know I can’t all the time Harry has breath in his body so I sponsor a disable cat and support the 2 local cats homes in my area.

  9. thank you so much for your kind words...i can't tell you just how much you always help me through.

    today Miss Ethel is coming out to play and things are returning to 'normal' 'normal' as 'normal' can be in my home, that is ;)

    have a lovely weekend...

  10. Not very often do I comment on blogs, but I just love reading yours and a few others. I just wanted to say that I have recently gone through (still going through) the same experience. My husband and I adopted a broken coonhound about three months ago, and just three weeks ago, I broke down and wrote what probably seemed like the worst message ever to the pound we got her from, by adding that I just didn't love this dog and no matter how much I tried and gave the hard work always outweighed the love and joy we felt back. However, my story is still unfolding, as we had to wait a few weeks before we could meet up to return her (beings she was from a different state). In those two weeks our hearts melted again and we couldn't bear to add to her unstable past. She is very, very sensitive and requires soooo much patience. We can tell our first dog, who is actually younger feels the same. Loves her to death one minute and the next is frustrated as all hell because now her life too has changed. Many days I feel and know the right thing would have been to return her, and I know for certain we would have if she would have been from the local shelter. It is a great thing you did for this dog to give it the chance to find someone who will be able to hopefully give it the home it needs. Take care!

  11. it sounds as though you did everything you could to make it work, but it just wasn't meant to be.

    i hope your heart heals quickly.

  12. I'm so sorry you and found dog didn't work out; you did the right thing even tho it must have hurt a lot. Hope things are brighter for you today.

    E x

  13. Aw you poor soul, that's sad. but did you heed my story about my pup, that I wrote in your last post. Sometimes it just goes like that. I felt cr@p banishing my pup to the draughty normal dog life, but it wasn't working inside. Know how you feel.

  14. Aw, Tif, sorry to hear it didn't work out... You gave it your best, it just wasn't meant. Hopefully, getting your 'arse into gear' makes you feel better!