Monday, November 17

'beavering' away...

i am pleased to report, my arse has been in gear for several days now...

every now and then my 'thoughts' drift to 'found dog' but then i pull myself together and focus again. i am no nearer to adding a new 'hound' into our lives, in fact i have taken several steps back, i fear...but one thing i have learnt in my 'life lesson' of last week, at some point in the future we will find a 'doggie' and add her to the fold...who knows when, but sooner rather than later, i hope.

in the meantime i have a week of 'beavering' ahead of me...this coming sunday i am involved in a 'holiday craft sale' and as i spent last week 'occupied' with my first 'break down' of my forties, i have left myself very little time to 'whip up' some goods for the festive occasion.
at my skirt party (which of course feels like a lifetime ago) i wore my t-shirt that had been 'dottie angeled'...this received many an admiring comment ("how many would 'many' be then Tif?")...oh alright then, i received 'three' admiring comments...('three' being more than 'two' therefore i feel it acceptable in the circumstances of my delicate heart, to use the word 'many' to help me feel better).

and so i have decided to give it a go with some t-shirts for the 'holiday sale' and whatever doesn't sell (which quite honestly could be hit or miss, who knows until i dip my toes into the water) i will put in my little store for my final update before Christmas...

there we have it...i am mending my broken heart with lace, buttons and stitching...which quite honestly is a very nice way to patch things up.
'used dog' is once again by my side, whilst Miss Ethel does her thing and all is quiet at 'the shed'...

she's thanking you so very much for your kind words about 'found dog' ~ Tif


  1. Absolutely love these tops, they are so unique :-)

  2. Wow... The shirts are gorgeous!

  3. wow they look fantastic...
    you were not kidding about have been busy...i know when i feel (strung out) i tend to do heaps of sewing...i just let myself get caught up in the crafting!!!
    problem is not much else gets done...
    they will do great and if not there will be some happy etsy shoppers...

  4. I think whatever you ‘dottie angel’ it always looks lovely and I’m sure these T shirts will fly out of your crafty sale.
    I have stuck a couple of stamps on Harry and taking him to the Post Office later this morning….he’s all yours……only joking…..I wouldn’t be so cruel to you or the inhabitants of the Seattle area.
    What about a little pupster? Used dog could become a mummy and teach its little cute puppy dog place in your pack?

  5. Oh, you tender hearted spirit ~ I'm glad the pain of the dog experience is subsiding. There's nothing like needle and thread for patching yourself up after trauma. By the looks of your new "collection" you've used your needle well. There's not an errant nipple-bound doily in the bunch.

  6. These t-shirts are gorgeous tif! Can't wait for the shop update, can't believe you're going to make us wait though ;)

    Crafting is always good therapy, glad you're feeling a wee bit better :)


  7. Oh wow these are so fabulous - I love that bluey-lilac colour. Yum!


  8. i am blushing with all your loveliness towards the t-shirts...i have conquered 14 of them and have 6 left...

    another busy day ahead :)

  9. lovely pic of all your tees in a row.

  10. oh how i wish i could go to that craft sale...beautiful job tif!!

    xo laura (finally back online)