Tuesday, November 18

next up...

for your perusal,
some corsages i have been working on...inbetween my little 't-shirt run'...

i've always liked dabbling in 'corsages', there is such a multitude of uses for them...they are perfect at making the ordinary become extraordinary, any shop bought item becomes a little more unique with a corsage's magic touch...

i have never had much luck in selling such items, but that doesn't stop me from making a little batch from time to time...this latest 'batch' is crafted from scraps of vintage lace, knitted pieces, old bark cloth and some rather natty stitching by old Miss Ethel...

i fully expect to bring all of them home from my little holiday show...
("what will become of your little batch, Tif?" i hear you ask) not fret for my 'sweet corsages' dear readers...i see a christmas tree in the 'not too distant' future needing a little 'corsaging' ...(oh, please let that grand word mean what i think it means)

she's thanking you for the lovely t-shirt comments ~ Tif


  1. fab a dab a do...I would buy these they are lovely, my dear friend Pen makes similar ones and I alwyas admire them...mine never come out looking as lovely as hers (or yours) I also love the T shirts...
    love H

  2. but of course! corsages are perfectly dottie angel. these are lovely, they have a miss havisham quality about a good way. x

    p.s your word verification today is 'beadings'. also very apt for our dottie.

  3. Oh my!! I love these!!! Is there any chance one or more could end up in your online shop??

  4. Oh my gosh, have I mentioned how much I like Dottie Angel things?! :) These corsages are gorgeous and they're perfectly in tune with the rest of your style!!