Monday, June 2

things i've learnt...

it has taken me most of the day to get onto my little computer, they are replacing the cable outside my house and so i am without computer access and phone line, but am with lots of appears they have all gone home for the day and so i have quick smart jumped onto the web before the hungry hordes appear and require some attention...(too late they are through the door, this will be published in a wee bit...)
i thought it rather nice to start off the week with a few things i've learnt over the past few days...

thing #1: i will never again rely on kid's glue when crafting 'outside' would appear we no longer live at mossy shed...

thing #2: tooth paste strips paint. now some of you maybe wondering how i know such interesting, ney fascinating facts...
well, last night as i was walking past my newly 'three coated, tricky to paint' staircase, i glanced down to admire my handy work only to find a huge dollop of bright blue toothpaste smeared along one post. when i enquired in a high shrill voice as to whom this toothpaste belonged, it came as no surprise that suddenly the shed was very quiet...i have yet to discover the culprit. "not to worry" says my man, getting a piece of dampened toilet paper and scrubbing away..."mmmm, that's interesting" he mumbled "it would appear that toothpaste takes paint off"...i will not type what my next few words were, i shall leave it to your imagination...

thing #3: i will never have to waste my hard earned cash on a gym membership, much cheaper alternative workout is Winston, my 1968 truck who has no power steering. once i have got the engine going after several attempts, i proceed to drive him around my acre of moss, after several minutes i'm breaking out in a sweat and by the end of my ten minute workout have used every muscle in my arms and legs to manoeuvre my Ford 'tank' back to his parking position.

thing #4: i nearly fainted when told the three heirloom tomatoes i was wishing to purchase at my local farmers market would cost me $13, i came home and decided it's time to try growing my own...i think there is money to be made in tomatoes, quite possibly more than crafting...

thing #5: i must not expect members of my household to appreciate my thrifty finds, they will never understand just how amazing the moment was when my eyes fell upon a knitted blanket in the local thrift store. a blanket that has not been made from a 'luminous neon stash' belonging to a 'color blind granny' is a rare find blankie is crafted from attractive colored yarn in a beautiful crocheted stripe...even better it's never been used and only $, it is true to say they will never hear the chorus of angels at such moments in my life, (but i am quite sure you, dear readers would)...

thing #6: when i am having 'siding' replaced on my wooden house by a workman, it is most important to notice that a nail has been put through my hot water pipe, even more important is to notice it straight away and not five weeks later, when the crawl space is pooling with water, the sub floor is rotting and suddenly i have a big problem on my hands (understatement of the year)...

thing #7: if you inherit an overgrown veggie patch, or three as in my case, it is possible to turn it around and own a 'mr mcgregor' i'm not claiming i know what i am doing, or if it will actually be edible, but i do think it looks rather splendid and as my man and i were busy working on it this sunday he mentioned how we were just like the 'good life' (old BBC sit-com), then i pointed out that was not true, we do not own a pig...and then i started thinking....

she's thanking you for the 'winston' love and hoping to see you tomorrow, 'cable' willing ~ Tif
footnote: no offense meant towards wonderful organic farmers at my local market and 'color blind grannies' who do a sterling job of keeping us warm :)


  1. I love your blog - it's like reading a fun book! Love the crocheted treasure you found! And the garden looks wonderful! Hoping the sub-floor is salvageable and not too damaged!!

  2. love the rug .
    i am very lucky to own quiet a few of these as my mother likes to do them to fill in the winter months.
    it is called a "van dyke" pattern.
    will try to take a few pics and put them on my blog.

  3. When ever I find a crochet blanket that a Granny has made my heart usually sinks when I see although beautifully executed the colour combinations are truly hideous. Well done for finding one that looks tasteful.

    I am lost for words about your new indoor water feature; and the toothpaste.

    I think you and used dog should go to a retreat and have a few stress free days.

  4. I love your "things" - so much more interesting than the things going on about me today!! Mine would be - thing 1 - my new swimsuit is very low cut - not ideal for swimming laps - would be so much better if I was a Bond Girl, Thing 2 - I could procrastinate for Great Britain if it were a sport at the Olympics.....

    Hope that the flooding is sortable!

  5. What a great find! {The crocheted blanket.} I know how rare they are, and how hard it is to find the more toned-down versions, because I collect them myself, and only have about two or three.

    Oh man, what a bummer about the toothpaste, and the water. I feel your frustration.

    Did you plant heirloom tomatoes? We started a garden this year, and I'm trying to keep as much of it in heirloom varities as I can.

  6. Wow! what a great blog! i'm impressed! it's really interesting and so colourful ans imaginative i can see all these things happening!! Congrats on your garden, it looks great i hope the weather is kind to it, there's nothing worse than spending time and energy working on the garden and then the weather to ruin it!
    keep bloggiong they're so entertaining, i'll keep reading

  7. love the veggie patch x
    sorry about the damage - hope you are trying to look on the bright side!!!
    it is hard to, but if you don't you will turn out to be as loopy as me :)
    speak soon dear friend x
    t x

  8. I almost feel out of breath after reading your posts- so much fun! Those are some impressive garden beds you inherited. And all the weeding you had to do- whoa! The best of luck with the sub-floor.

  9. i'm sorry to read that you're having water woes. i hope all is well soon.

    it's wonderful to see i'm not the only person intent on painting perfectly fine furniture. my mother made me sign a document stating i wouldn't paint her antique armoire once she dies.

    the show you mentioned; do you mean 'good neighbors'?? i love that show!