Wednesday, June 4

and they entered two by two...

it has been a little like living in Noah's ark the last few days, water under us, coming out the side of us and all around us (rain and more rain) but none where it should not worry for me and my little clan, a 'love him forever' plumber came later yesterday and fixed the pipe allowing us to wash our hands and shower again...isn't it funny how we take for granted on a daily basis those simple things such as washing hands before preparing dinner (i use the word dinner loosely in my case)...just the ability to flush a toilet in a household of six is something i appreciate even more today.
a few years back we had storms whip through before christmas leaving huge areas in the northwest without electricity...we were without power and heat for over three days, a lot of people up to several is always humbling and makes one appreciate the comforts we have on a daily basis...

and so with the 'water retention' issues at the shed and then little connection to the outside world via cable i have not been the nicest of people to know...of course things like not having done laundry for over a week and then 'not being able to', was causing some disturbances amongst the ranks, our #4 said it was no problem that he was running out of boxers to wear "i'll do just as papa (my father-in-law) does on vacation, wear each pair four times just turning them around and inside out"...that's the spirit don't you think?

in the meantime i have twiddled around the place, occasionally with a paintbrush, finishing up a project or two (some of you more faint hearted readers may have to look away at the horror of me painting out a rather nice piece of furniture)
"what won't be painted by the time you have finished mossy shed?" our #1 asked "i fear if i stand still long enough you will paint me" (have i told you that before? i think my memory is going, something to do with heading straight towards the big '4' '0')

i even managed a spin on Miss Ethel in my studio, recovering a thrift store chair that i will have to leave to another day to show is like a cave in the shed today due to the horribly wet weather and thus i don't have a hope of getting a good picture.
of course if i read the manual i am quite sure there is a chapter telling me how to overcome such obstacles, but as i have allergies to manuals i'm going to give it a miss...(now i know i've told you that before...)

last but not least for today, i do not recall ever putting my heating on in June but quite frankly dear readers, i am a broken woman with my 'water damage' and need a little comfort...

she's off to attempt to clear the backlog of laundry but strangely getting distracted by other things like sitting down with a cup of tea and her new/old blankie ~ Tif


  1. I am so overwhelmed by all you do I can barely comment. I have loved every bit of the progress you have made! That you have kept your sense of humor is no small feat,I can tell you must be really happy,no wonder seeing all that's going on at Mossy Shed!

  2. I like what you've done with the cupboard. It looks great!

    "Allergic to manuals"? I might have to use that one.

    We had our woodstove going for the past couple of days. Crazy. I don't remember having the heat on in June before either.

  3. I'm so encouraged that you have painted a lovely piece of furniture - it looks wonderful. I have a few pieces that I would like to do and haven't yet been brave enough. I think I might have a go now. In fact I just know you would want me to also paint out my entire dark stained wood entrance hall (that I hate) and every post you do makes me want to do it even more!

  4. wow! you are quite the trooper! and the painted piece of furniture is gorgeous!

  5. Wrap yourself up in your new Granny blanket woman and keep supping tea until everything nasty goes away.....or paint something:)
    A few years ago I might have slapped you on the face for painting such a nice dresser but now I think why not. I am receiving some resistance from the man of the house over my plans to paint a few old bits of 'tat'
    It could be your age or the paint fumes causing you repeating yourself – I am doing it also.
    I grew up without a washing machine – trips to the local launderette were used a punishment….so I never tire of loading mine.

  6. cupboard looks lovely now you have painted it, would like to do the same myself