Tuesday, May 27

i'm back...

i do apologize for my extended absence...we've been 'a little out of sorts' at the shed and before one knows it, several weeks have past by. i haven't been completely bogged down with painting, more a case of being bogged down with 'sick' and 'colds'...mother's day was rather lovely, the younger residents of mossy shed took notice of my sign and when i added "oh and no grumpy old sods either" i had it completely covered...

then our #4 came down with a 'sicky bug' which lasted for a while, until his 10th birthday where miracle of miracles he was well enough to do a bit of presie opening...he told me at the end of the day it was his best birthday ever and surprisingly when he went back to school i have to tell you i actually missed his company.
then yours truly and her man started to feel rather jippy...

amongst all of the "mum, i don't feel good", i have still achieved a few things, and even when i felt quite grotty i did not sit around looking at repeats of Little House on the Prairie. i am quite sure i might have been tempted but i haven't managed to find the channel since we moved and so my addiction to lunchtime viewing of 'olden times' has been broken...

the painting is coming along, i have finished the staircase with a little help and all but two doors are left untouched in the downstairs part of the shed...our tree house is growing, my man feels his plans were a little adventurous but as we are half way through there is no going back. the boys have been working on a fire pit and a staircase for their tree house (quite obviously designed to keep their mother out and her doilifying ways)....and little old me? well i have been busy working on a flower bed outside of Gladys, hauling rocks from the undergrowth and arranging them 'just so'...

and last but by no means least, we have the latest member to join our clan...
how could i resist this battered old truck parked on the side of the road with a sign that said 'PLEASE CAN I COME AND LIVE WITH YOU, TIF' (according to others at the time, it just said 'FOR SALE' but i know what i saw)...when my man returned that evening i asked him if he had seen Winston and 'the sign' on his way home...
"who's Winston?" he asked...
"the beautiful beat up truck at the side of the lake road who wishes to reside at mossy shed"...
to which he just groaned, hung his head and mumbled something about hoping i hadn't seen it...

and so dear readers, Winston (born in 1968, oh what a good year to be born) shall spend his twilight years in the company of Gladys at the bottom of the yard...

she's thinking your thinking she's quite batty ~ Tif


  1. Truck? Niiiiiiiiccceeee...... :) I love him!

  2. I'm glad you're back. I've missed your posts. :) I believe you, I'm certain 'Winston' had your name all over him! What an awesome truck.

    The tree house is coming along nicely. The boys are going to love that!

  3. Your truck is just wonderful. I love the back part - great to go off collecting treasure in!!! Your backyard is looking great - I hope you get to escape down there occassionly!! Glad you're back!!

  4. Sorry to hear you were all sick!

    I think Winston is going to be very happy!

  5. oh winston is a beauty!

    i'm sorry to hear about the pestilence. glad all are well now :-)

  6. thank you for all the Winston love :) i have just been down to check on him before dinner...already he is covered in pine needles and debris, sigh...

  7. I'm thinking the firepit looks a little close to Winston! Hope he doesn't get singed!

  8. Time to stop lurking and say how glad I am that you are back, I love reading your posts they always make me smile. Sorry you and yours have been feeling rough,the Shed is looking great and Winston is very handsome and as for the tree house!!!!!!!!!!
    I'm just sorry my tree climbing days are over.

  9. Hi Tif,nice to see you back!Winston looks right at home next to Gladys!Love the tree house,it's coming on a treat!
    Rachel x

  10. Oh lovely Winston!
    Oh poor old Mossy Shed Sanitorium!

    I'll warn you now - avert your eyes when passing old motorcycles. Or you'll have a cellar full like me (who once bought a one on the strength of it's cheery red handlebars and suffered years of money-pittage).

    Glad you're back.

  11. Had to comment to say a huge thank you to you for your mossy shed postings! i'm glad you're back because i'm using you as a 'role model' here! hope you don't mind?! We're set to move to a town 100 miles away and have yet to find a house. we have to move by the end of july so the pressure is on. my husband thought i was insane when i muttered 'mossy shed' when looking at house details so i had to show him your blog! We're not after the same mossy shed, just the 'way' you so calmly describe life there. He is looking to buy me ear plugs so that i can't hear the likes of gladys and winston calling me! It's happened before with a dresser called Margot. It WILL happen again! it's just reassuring to know that it happens to others!
    Take care...

  12. i feel like i must have checked your blog everyday...well every second day.
    glad you are back .
    i to think 1968 was a splendid year to be made and blue happens to be one of my all time favorite colours.
    i don't think i could have drove past it without wanting to buy it either.

  13. nice to see you back tif. the garden/field looks amazing, good to see those boys at work, they're going to love that treehouse when it's done.

    i'm off on my hols to denmark and sweden! have a lovely couple of weeks.

  14. I think you are fantastic! Most people buy garden gnomes and iron flowers... you buy old trucks for lawn decor. :)

  15. I love the trailer, What a great place it would be to live. I might need to borrow your sign sometime soon myslef. Hope everyone is feeling better.