Tuesday, May 20

rusty and dusty...

i fear my little blog has has been left so long
it is rusty and it is most certainly dusty.
i fear i have lost the ability to ramble,
what if i have?
what if i will ramble no more?
the only thing to do is to put one rambly foot
in front of another rambly foot
and see what happens.

i am thinking my crafty knee socks
need a jolly good pulling up.
oh and my yarny cogs, 
poor poor yarny cogs
for they appear to be at an all time low.
completely dusty and oh so rusty!
i cannot for the life of me
feel settled and content with a yarny project.
i am restless and i am irritable
with my inability to find contentment
amongst my yarn.

there is a lot riding on this little knitty vest
to pull me through and out the other side
of this funk i find myself in.
'tis a lot to ask of a little knitty vest.
it may be too much 
then again, it may not,
only time will tell...