Tuesday, April 15

hip hip hooray, tis a holiday and other things ...

other things:

 i have come to the conclusion a knitty crochet skirt is not to be mine. after numerous starts, lots of maths, several folks help, i have declared, enough is enough. so i am going to embark on a crochet skirt instead, it is to be made out of a glorified rectangle, for rectangles and squares are my friends. i see it in my head, whether i will ever see it on my body is quite a different thing. 

it has dawned on me, knitting is not my friend because i aim too big and too high. i have shifted my aim to smaller and lower, and am thinking this will be my break through. i have in my mitts a most marvelously peachy book called Lullaby Knits which i found at Tolt, once again whilst doing a bit of dusting and pattern shelf rearranging. "of course" i exclaimed, and all became clear. if i am to be a granny one day, i truly must be organized ahead of time. it will be impossible to create umpteen knitty wonders for a small being in just 9 months at the rate i knit. so i am thinking of starting now. i will attack my stash and i will make little knitted hats and little knitted sweaters and little crocheted blankets. some from patterns, others i made up as i went along.

on friday and saturday i had to stop still for the quite the longest time due to Mr Vertigo paying a visit, so i used the time wisely to start my first knitty project from Lullaby Knits. i know for others it would not take any time at all, but for me it took quite the while, however i must confess i greatly enjoyed this knitty project for several reasons.
it was small, thus an end was in sight even before i had begun. 
it was written well, thus after only a few false starts i was happily on my way. 

by the end of saturday night i had a teeny tiny little knitted hat all washed and drying ready to be added to my 'one day a granny' knitted pile.

i have deduced a slight spanner in the workings of my brilliantly cunning plan and it is this. i do not wish to give away my small being knits. this is terribly selfish of me and i have had words with myself but i cannot help it. i wish to keep them all to myself, well i say all, i haven't actually made any others than the hat, but in my mind's eye i see piles of lovely little handmade knits and i do not wish to part with them, i wish to keep them all for myself, i am guessing what i truly wish for is a small being all of my own to don in knitted goodness. so i have devised a most brilliantly cunning plan b, to go with my brilliantly cunning plan a. 

as i have 4 children i believe the chances are quite high i may one day be a granny, and the chances are quite high i may one day be a granny more than once from several of my children (no no no, i am not counting my chickens before they hatch, i am just thinking ahead, of possibilities tis all). well it would never do if i had given all the knitted goodness to one child and then another declares they will be a parent soon and i have nothing but a bit of yarn and needles left and 9 months to get moving on. 

sooooo, i am going to have a 'small beings' lending library!! 
what genius! what brilliant~ness!

little knitted wares in all difference sizes so does not matter what time of year i become a granny. i will offer up my knitted sweeties and when they no longer fit, they can be mailed back to me (do you read that, 'mailed', sigh, yes because realistically having children living in two or more countries, my chances of being a granny in the right one is quite slim), where upon i will wash them and put them back in the knitted lending library pile ready for another small being to enjoy. i am beyond happy with this plan and from this day i will go forth and i will only be knitting 'small being' things for my 'small beings' lending library.

tis a holiday:

tomorrow i go on my travels, i am beyond giddy and really terribly nervous about the whole thing. having got myself into a right old pickle over the past few years, its been quite the while since i traveled on my own. i did it before and i know i can do it again, its just my head and my body do not seem to agree upon it. i have dug deep and found my snoopy courage and i am so glad i have, for i do want to be brave enough to see the world before i pop my clogs.

i am going home for easter to be with my folks, i have only seen them for 3 days in the past year and a bit, this is not good enough, so easter together it is. this is my first easter in old blighty in 14 years, it is ironic as every easter rolled around stateside and i would have given anything for a big chocolate cadbury's button easter egg and then the one year i can, i can't. i am going on nearly 8 months now without chocolate. if i were to just sniff a piece, or perhaps lick just a corner, i would be in trouble, so i can't and i won't. i will stay strong.
i am a little worried about traveling with my riiii-dicciiii-ulous list of food intolerances but i tell myself i am not alone and worst comes to worst, man can live off water for a while.

a handy dandy travel kit is a must

and so my travels take me to old blighty for easter and then i am taking a trip of a lifetime with my soul sister to Marrakech in Morocco where we will be staying for 5 days in a most lovely riad near the heart of the souk and embark on a crochet retreat with the lovely Ingrid from Wood & Wool Stool. i have no idea if this is so, but i cannot think there is anything more incredible or inspiring then to spend 5 days in Morocco crocheting and dye-ing wool with a group of dearies and one's soul sister (who has promised to hold my hand if i feel a little wobbly at times)
again just thinking about it, i am nervous, i am giddy, but i do know i am beyond lucky.

and then besty best of all, i get to spend a few days with Our #1, whom i miss muchly, and even better than besty best, she will be returning back to seattle with me to spend a few weeks back in the fold.
the next month starting from tomorrow is going to be extra ordinary.

my lads of three are primed ready to take over the controls of mossy shed and its band of happy critters. i will not fret about the water bowl, nor Used Dog's daily meds, i will not fret they will have clean undies to wear each and every day i am gone. no sirree! tomorrow when i step onto that plane, doing my breathing exercises, and clutching my crochet, i will leave it all behind for 2 whole weeks. and less i forget and those pesky anxieties rear their ugly heads, all i have to do is look down to remind myself of where i once was, how far i have come and the intentions i set for the future

over and out for now
Tif :)

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