Monday, December 2

things to note on a monday...

note one:
the shed is quiet again after 8 whole days of having 3/4 of my clan together again

note two:
we have noted Used Dog's lumpy bump is taking hold again. it has been 2 whole years since we had the massive tumor removed and at the time they told us chances were high it would return within months. we have been blessed to have way more time then that, she is without a doubt a true miracle dog who keeps on keeping on and although this time we are told she is not strong enough to undergo surgery, as long as she is happily keeping on keeping on, then we will continue to enjoy each and every miracle day we have been given with her

note three:
the makers market is just but a few days away. i have been beavering away on crafty elf duties as and when i can. today i am gathering and standing back and taking stock and then will announce, no matter what, "hurrah, you are done Tif" and pack everything up ready for set up on friday

note four:
did i mention i like my new job?

note five:
yes i did

note six:
my hat hacking worked! i am so happy beyond all happy knitty thoughts. in the end i used the increase and decrease rows from the original pattern and then made the rest up myself and hurrah hooray! it worked out just how i wished it to be. because of this wonderfulness, i bravely took my green knitted hat and pulled it right back to the moss stitch band, tres carefully, more careful then ever before, i picked up all the itty bitty stitches and merrily went on my knitty way. so now i have not 1 but 2 knitty hats of which i am most delighted

note seven:
where oh where to begin... our sweet pesky Little Olive got herself into a spot of bother friday afternoon with an AA battery. it was rather horrid if truth be told and resulted in a dash to the nearest vet, them doing their best and now me playing florence nightingale. she received some rather nasty burns to her tongue and inside of her lower jaw. the first 48 hours were the trickiest but i am happy to say, she is now comfortable and today this morn, i heard just the inkling of a woof, not much, but it was one and that in itself tells me she must be feeling a tad less sad and in pain. tomorrow we find out how she is healing and all fingers, toes, paws and claws are crossed that surgery will not be needed

note eight:
Mister Muchly is beyond delighted with his Black Friday find. he is spending way too many hours reclining on his new plushy bed, 

i have told him he must be most careful not to give up all forms of exercise as the holiday season is upon us and expanding waist lines can be tres tricky to lose in the new year. he appears to not take much notice of me or anyone else and merrily goes about his day doing as he pleases in his own little guinea pig way. apparently he tells me, he is busy with his '12 days of muchly-mas' over at his home on instagram and therefore cannot possibly listen to me waffling on...

note nine:
as we are not home here for the holidays but home over the pond, i am doing but a sprinkling of joy and glee around the shed, whilst channeling my inner peace...