Thursday, November 28

thankful this thanksgiving...

as is always the way,
thanksgiving rolls around
and i cannot help but ponder
all the things i am thankful for
in this here life of mine.

i do try to do this all year round
and not just one day of the year
however this year,
as per usual
i find many things to be thankful for
however i am especially thankful for
which opened up a few short weeks ago
in a small town not far from me

i am thankful they invited me to join their yarny team.
i am thankful the yarny team turned out to be full of wonderful dearies.
i am thankful for the creativity it has sparked in my little knitty cogs.
i am thankful my rusty dusty cogs are proving they are not too old to be learning again.
i am thankful i get to share time with so many creative souls who walk through the door, each and every day
and most of  all
i am thankful it has filled an aching void in my life, created when my two girls moved so very far far away...

the happiest of happy thanksgivings, to one and all :)