Thursday, May 17

Mondo & Mungo...

are fearless in the face of danger
be it around the world or in the bath tub.

they are very good at concerntrating in high winds
and they are a dab hand at climbing the rigging.
as they sail the seven seas in a clog boat made for two,
they squeak in the face of the enemy,
twitch at the possible dangers which lurk around every headland and plug hole,
and always carry a little bit of cheese for emergencies



  1. But I thought mungo was the dog and midge was the mouse? ;-)

  2. What intrepid travellers, may they sail with the wind ever behind them, with the sun on their whiskery faces and may their cheese never be rancid.
    Carol xx

  3. And I have heard that they always give credit to their 'team work'...without that, they would be lost. xo

  4. Excellent-I cannot wait to show this to my 7 yr old-She will love it!

  5. Tif, your creativity and imagination is boundless. Thank you for bringing it in to my day. You are the peachiest!

  6. Me think's that mutinous mouse may be that clogworthy ship's demise! Aarggg,squeek!:-0

  7. Ooh, are these your new critters? They are adorable, and sound like very useful chaps to have around.

  8. Soo cute! But where are the life vests? not very safety conscious! :) Your pictures are always so awesome, how do you get them to look like they're kinda old?

  9. Oh, how cute!

    I noticed the other day that since I started reading your blog (how long now? I don't know), I frequently call things pesky or peachy. :) So I must say, these little sailors and their darling clog boat are perfectly peachy!