Tuesday, May 15

a little string of miracles, please...

yesterday i experienced two little miracles.
the first miracle was baking a cake that not only looked like a cake but tasted like a cake

riding high from my peachy cake baking miracle ways i turned my thoughts to a frock i had cut out several weeks back from a lovely jolly peachy coral pink fabric found on the clearance pile in a most peachy fabric store, my peachy adopted auntie took me to.
(note a lot of peachiness going on around here today, one wonders if too much peachy is a bad thing, but then again, one never knows unless one tries it, so i have gone for maximum peachiness for that last bit)

my riding high ways were rewarded with a finished frock made from my dottie angel pattern cut from a length of old wallpaper. its an odd old thing, at the time of cutting it out i was rather fearful of wearing such a jolly peachy corally colour, fearing it was too bright, but now we have hit the 80's over the past few days, it appears to be most fitting to the hot afternoons along with a pair of clippity clogs. later as i sit upon the soccer 'tryout' sidelines i will be wearing my newly handmade frock with pride, feeling secure with the knowledge the handy dandy pockets will be holding my cotton hankie and lip salve, safe and sound

so today, i have woken with the hope of a whole string of little miracles to occur over the coming 2 weeks, for the next few weeks will be some of the busiest hectic ones i have seen in the longest time. but for today and today only, i ask for one small miracle, for i am working on my 'talk' to be talked on saturday at the Girl Crush Art workshop and Tea party which i am hosting alongside of the peachy Danielle of The Jealous Curator and the fabby Andie and Emily of Assemble Shop. yes a talk no less is required from moi. i have pondered and i have prayed that today will be the day, the words will flow and when all is said and done i will look down at my little paper of blankness which stares at me this moment and a small miracle will have occurred.
where once there was blankness, there will be words of wisdom to share with fellow crushers on saturday... and little miracle number 3 will have happened

footynote: thank you kindly to all those who have written to me or left comments about my handmade dottie angel frocks, i am delighted you wish to make them too. i hope in the future to be able to offer up the pattern once i have figured out how, what, where and when :)


  1. Your cake looks so yummy!! Red velvet is my favorite!! Your new frock is so beautiful!! Many wishes on your paper be filled with words of wisdom! Have a lovely week!! xo Heather

  2. best wishes on all you have to do -the talk, the book (how exciting)

    when you have some spare time, i would love to learn how you make your frocks as i could see myself in some, too. thanks for considering a pattern to help us!


  3. Wishing you a small miracle then. A "talk" is such a tricky thing.

  4. oohh your cake looks lovely and i love your dresses you have made such a lovely shape and the fabrics are gorgeous, dee x

  5. I think I've liked that frock on Instagram but shall like it here again too - just fab :) Can't beat homemade frocks :)

  6. Hi Tif, good luck with the speech, hope it goes well, I'm sure it will be full of perfectly peachy phrases. (I've written a few thousand speeches so I know it isn't easy peasy)
    I love, love, love your peachy dresses and am beyond excited you might be offering a peachy pattern.
    See what happens when you start spreading peachiness, it becomes the latest worldwide peachy addiction.
    Carol xx

  7. The cakes looks lovely - did you succumb to a teeny weeny taste? I like your frocks too and wish we had the kind of weather here in UK where I was thinking of removing my wellies never mind wearing a frock! Still, "Ne'er cast a clout til May is out", is what my Nan always said. Lily. xxx

  8. Ah, one can never be too "peachy" or coral-ly too! Love your words, point of view, and colorful speak!

  9. there is no such think as too much peachiness. :-)


  10. What a cake that looks sooo good
    your dresses are soooooo lovely,
    oh and love your dog and that fabulous camper!


  11. i think this tunic you are sewing could be the solution to my breastfeeding wardrobe troubles....
    /squinting eyes and turning head on angles to see how it is constructed...


  12. I LOVE the peachy dress! I just wish we were having the weather to wear something similar!

  13. Hello lovely lady!
    So pleased to see you out and about and well. I do hope your penning days have been successful my dear...

    Love your cake! I am 41years young today and I shall be tip-toeing to sainsburys to get mine lol :o)

    Your frocks are awesome and I shall be trying to make my own one with those lovely side ties and big pockets. yes, there is no other way to descibe them than as tres peachy :o)

    Not many sleeps left until June 29 my dear, and i am tres excited!

    Enjoy your sunshine Tif. We are expecting a dull, rainy cloudy day today....and that's just the weather :o)

    Love n big hugs as always,
    Donna xx

  14. The cake looks scrummy and the dress is lovely. I am sure you will be very fine on Saturday. Good luck. Liz xx

  15. j'aime beaucoup ton univers... à bientôt

  16. Hi Tif,
    Your cake looks delicious.
    Your Dottie Angel dress is 'peachy',and I don't think you can have enough peachy.
    Lovely 'miracles'.
    Have a good week
    God Bless
    Barb from Australia

  17. The pattern question was the very one that was tripping around my brain, because your dress looks simple enough to make but lot's of nice little details, like the ties and pockets (which are a requirement in all garments). So encouraging words and thoughts are speeding to your house from me! Thanks ;-)

  18. peachy comments indeedy my dear readers! many thank yous :)

    yes the frocks are simple in contruction but it is all about the little details that give them their shape and peachy look. delighted you like them so much. it is going to be some time before i offer them up, there are different possible ways to do this and i need to find out which one will be the best way. so might not be till the following summery season i'm afraid :)

    happy days to you all and sending a bit of warmth your ways for those that need it!

  19. Miss Tif, I too have to give talk's from time to time and I find a good strong mint tucked in the corner of my mouth, open's up the ol' nasal passage's when feeling nervous. Just don't slurp, and you'll do just fine..I mean peachy!:)

  20. It was great to meet you in the real world and see you rocking this lovely frock! Thanks for giving a lovely talk and hosting your workshop. I had a marvelous day.

  21. hurrah! you too Kat, such a wonder to meet you and your arty crafty soul :)