Wednesday, June 8

mollie makes...

hurrah, hooray!
i do believe tomorrow is the big day for Mollie Makes to appear Stateside, i say the wording 'i do believe' because my little memory recall has told me tomorrow is the day. if it is not then please do not be cross with me, be cross with my failing memory recall system.

i believe (another belief you may or may not wish to take notice of) the second issue will also be coming out in England at the same time. have i now confused you? so issue one will be out Stateside and i believe Europe, sorry Australia i have no believing to share with you or any other country who may be now looking to me and my 'font of all knowledge' which is drying up rapidly as i tippity type this.
so shall we recap.
issue one of Mollie Makes out Stateside and Europe quite possibly tomorrow (9th June) in Barnes & Nobles and Joanns. okay so obviously that is not in Europe, i have no idea what lovely shops will have it in Europe, just like i appear to have no idea what i am talking about this morning.

issue two will be on sale in UK also tomorrow (9th June) possibly :)
right, well i am sure that was all most helpful

i got my little mitts on a copy a few weeks back, kindly sent to me. alas my mother like so many others in old blighty has yet to get her mitts on a copy of issue one. this kind of makes me a little sad to think my first ever proper interview in a UK mag and my lovely mother has missed out on seeing it.

for all i know she may wish to cut it out, get out her little glue stick and stick it in a scrap book. having visualized my mother at her kitchen table, weeping at the big empty page in her old Woolworth's scrap book i have been left with no alternative but to leave the shed tomorrow morning and believe in all my believing and hunt down a copy Stateside. when said copy has been hunted i will happily pay way more than the UK price because after all this is my mother we are talking about and then i will place it in my luggage and fly the magazine back over to England so my mother can dry her tears, put away her cotton hankie, get out her little glue stick and fill her empty scrap book page.
yes that is what i will do dearest readers.

"so what do you think of Mollie Makes then Tif?" i hear you ask, which is really handy cause i needed someone to ask me so i could continue with my waffle.

well since you asked so nicely... i like it, i like it a whole lot. it has filled a gaping big hole so obvious upon the magazine shelves and i think they have done a spiffy job of it. a lifestyle magazine for us crafty loving souls. i was chuffed to see they used the tag line 'living and loving handmade', it was one of several i offered to them and i think this one fits the magazine perfectly perfect.

every page has something to inspire those rusty dusty creative cogs, i have to admit many of the folks and their wonderful work i already knew about, but then again i live in the crafty cyber world so that is not surprising. the magazine is sprinkled with quality how-tos, including two by my lovely friend Lola. i noted her contributor photo was totally peachy and had me wanting to be her right then and there. i noted mine was somewhat lacking on the peachy front but you do get a nice shot from my shoulders to my knee caps in denim overalls :)

several pages caused me to gasp 'thee gasp' and i felt a stirring in my crafty heart and an itching in my crafty hands to create. surely right there shows how well they did at putting their first issue together.

if you love inspiring creative blogs and on many an occasion have wished to hold them in your hands to pour over with a nice cup of tea, then i do believe you will love a ganders at Mollie Makes. they have a subscription offer for overseas, however i have yet to commit, i would love to but oversea subscriptions even with discounts are a big money commitment. i am on the fence, i am teetering in my clogs and i so want to just go for it, jump off that fence in my clogs and land with a smile and happy feeling of spending my money wisely and not with a twisted ankle because of jumping with clogs on. which will it be? gosh, i think the best thing to do, is wait until i have had a ganders at issue two before i commit. that is called being wise in clogs whilst balancing on a fence.

so all in all,
yes, i like Mollie Makes,
yes, i am most delighted to have had tea with them
yes, i will be out and about tomorrow in my clogs, 'believing' i will find a copy for my mother

she is thinking her and Leonard the Lens are not a match made in heaven ~ Tif


  1. I can assure you that issue 2 is a spiffy as issue 1!! I received my copy yesterday and have almost worn the pages out with my flicking! I have taken the leap to subscribe (although I had a fab offer £1 for 3 issues - how could I refuse??) Sue x

  2. i found a copy of this issue at Barnes and Noble last Friday. it was an amazing treat for my weekend. great article about you and that is how i found myself here.

  3. They should definitely make a stateside subscription base. It looks lovely!

  4. Oh no! I finally found a copy of issue one yesterday after searching for weeks - it was the last copy on the shelf and I snatched it up straight away. Now you are telling me that I have to go searching again for issue two?! Luckily I have taken up their 3 issues for £5 offer and subsequent subscription, although I'm a bit miffed that I had to pay £5 and not £1 - The Krafty Cupcake is obviously more crafty than me! I thought the Dottie Angel article was fab. x

  5. oh my... wow, what a great opportunity! congrats!

  6. I am so excited about Mollie Makes coming stateside! I will hopefully be hunting it out before work tomorrow! Hooray!

  7. Hmm am definetely a bit jealous here and feeling left out - have been seeing this mag on others posts but have yet to get my mitts on a copy - maybe I'll have better luck with issue 2? - shall be out searching tomorrow.
    How exciting for you (and your Mum!)to be featured - i shall look forward to reading it (assuming i track down a copy!)
    Gill x

  8. one pound for three issues! blimey that has to be the bobby bargain of the century for sure :)

    yes indeed a US base for subscriptions would be brilliant. as it is published by future publishings and they are big wig magazine publishers perhaps it is do-able... i am not sure they realized just how fabby the response would be to Mollie Makes, let us hope the next issues are easier to track down.

    Ludid! gosh well there we go, perhaps they got them early, now i am wondering about my chances and how high they are. fingers crossed :)

  9. Hi Tif, I thought your article in Molly Makes 'made' the magazine! Some lovely shots of you & the Mossy Shed. Great introduction to your work...

  10. It's been out about a week here. Your part was fantastic!

  11. Oh Tif, you're so right, there was definitely a Mollie Makes sized hole in the market. It's a joy. I too subscribed for £5 and my Issue 2 arrived on Monday. Loved 'your bit' - your Mum will be tickled pink! Hx

  12. What a lovely article, many thanks.

    So you know you can subscribe in the US here:

  13. see Jennifer! this is what i mean, now i will have to lie awake all night fretting that i was out by a whole week and may indeed find the shelves bare tomorrow! why oh why did i not go looking sooner...

    murgatroyd and pink milk, thank you kindly, you made my day :)

    Stuart, thank you for the link, it is the same price i see as where i found a subscription before. i have devised a plan and my plan goes along the lines of getting Our #1 to get up bright and early tomorrow and find a copy of issue two. upon arriving in England i shall indeed see for my own eyes it is peachy as can be and right there and then, will jump off the fence and land happily, clogs and ankles intact to enjoy a whole year of mollie makes in my mail box.
    only thing is, i have just remembered how my mail often does not make it to my little mail box, some times turning up after many months lost at sea and the thought of a whole year of some one else enjoying mollie makes courtesy of my subscription has me fretting :)

  14. Woo hoo! What good news. I've been eyeballing Mollie Makes on so many of my UK friends' blogs! I am so happy that you are interviewed in it, too! What a bonus! Oh, I shall hustle on down to my local Barnes and Noble tomorrow and snatch one up! Thank you for telling us, Dottie A!

  15. Hello Tif! Reading issue 1 of Mollie Makes led me to find your blog! Am in possession of No2, but have so many reports to write (I am a teacher) that I am saving it for a lovely moment when I can enjoy some R&R and really savour it! LOVE your things!

  16. I can't wait until we can get this fabulous mag down under... I am desperate to read Lola's (& your own peachy article, of course) contribution, she is my favourite & my best!

  17. Having read a bit about this new magazine, I am curious to see what the first issue will actually look like. And will check the usual international newstands here in New York.

    Let me also take a stand and say that I would have thought that MM would have sent you (as a premier editorial article subject) some issues so you could have had some for your archives and some to send to lovely folks like your own mum! This possible publishing stinginess seems a bit at odds with the entire notion of creativity.

    There. I have said it from the top of my soapbox.

    I do look forward to seeing the mag and to sharing it with others who I know will love it, too.

    Best wishes.

  18. I'm sure I read that issue one was also due for release here in Australia June 9th, but I can't remember where it was that I read that, so please don't hold me to it. I did however discover it is available on ipad! Maybe not quite as nice as a paper copy, but a copy nonetheless!
    Your article was lovely Tif :)

  19. Very cool! Congratulations.

    ♥ sécia

  20. I bought the first mag here last week and have been following your wonderful blog since. I love them both! :)
    Many hugs and wishes from Sweden,

  21. Ohhh this looks fantastic and I would love to get my hands on a you know where I can buy it in the states? There wasn't much info on where to buy on their website.

  22. I am eagerly awaiting issue 2 which I decided to subscribe to after a desperate search for issue 1. My poor frail nerves could not stand the trauma each month of the 'will I, won't I' get it thoughts. I know what you mean about the cost of overseas subscriptions though. The USA has such great mags but it does get a bit costly. Good luck with your search Tif. x

  23. Well Mollie makes is a fab mag and I did subscribe. I got mine from hobbycraft, it was placed on the counter. Its a totally different craft magazine!!!! YOur pad is fab, it makes me want me to break out the white paint and paint my own home all white. But I do like colour, it makes me smile!!!!!!!!!!!!! Ohh I am totally commited to your year of buying cheaply and handmade!!! Its fab, I have found some fabby bargains. I feel a lot better for giving to charity. I dare anyone to try it, your conscence will thank you for it as well as your wallet!!! Cheers Tif!!!

  24. Mollie Makes is fabulous. My copy had difficulty reaching me too. No idea how to go about no. 2. Can't subscribe yet as I am moving and on it goes. I thoroughly enjoyed your article, the highlight of the mag. :) Liz

  25. i got my copy the other day at barnes and noble...loved your article and the whole magazine :)

  26. An excellent review and I wholeheartedly agree! Very much enjoyed your pages also, nice work :) Hx

  27. Dearest Tif, I just read my first MM copy cover to cover, having snatched it up on eBay. It felt a little extravagant until I started reading and feeling inspired to craft up everything I ever dreamed of and then some new things on top of that. I thought your pages were just peachy, especially your clog-bearing feet! I have subscribed to the British version of Country Living for about 5 years through their US service with Futire Publishing, and although they come about 3 weeks late, they are land quite nicely in my mailbox at Morning Calm Farm, in a plastic wrapper. So I think Mollie Makes could wing its way to your mailbox just as easily. Now I am thinking your mailbox needs a good name so it will feel up to the important task of receiving such a monthly treasure.... Daisy Fleabane

  28. Your article was great. Can't believe SC got something early(got the magazine last week) - mollie makes. Can't wait for your book.

  29. Ooh, Tif, I'd have loved to read the article about dottie, so I went on to eBay UK and placed a bid for £10.25 for the sold out issue numero uno but I've been outbid. Harrumph. Looks like it's very much a collector's item already. Love - Arthur xxx

  30. Dottie, Asda has loads of copies of issue 1, at least my local Asda did on Monday. Let me know if you want me to try and get your mum a copy - I can have a look tomorrow and if I'm successful I'll post it to her? Let me know by email if you want me to do that before 5pm UK time Friday which is when I leave work...

  31. gosh! i am so delighted so many of you have enjoyed mollie makes. not so delighted so many of you have found it tricky to track down. that is pants.

    Lavendar playground, you will find it at Barnes & Nobles and Joanns, and now i see you may have success at Hobbycraft (i think that is US based isn't it?)

    yes yes Frances, publishing companies can be tricky fish for sure. one copy came my way...
    thank you for standing on your soap box, i appreciated it!

    on ebay already! goodness this reminds me of when Orla Kiely's Target range got sold out and promptly put on ebay... nutso for sure

    Wendy, thank you so very kindly for your offer, however i am delighted to say, a copy from another reader has been kindly sent to my mother, truly how fortunate am i to have such kind readers!!!
    my morning has suddenly got a lot less frantic because of such kindness and my mother is poised with glue stick in hand :)

    :) :) :)
    three smiley faces cause i think thats a nice way to start the day

  32. Oh my goodness I had no idea this magazine was coming out here in the UK! So excited, it looks right up my street!

    Well done for the feature - I look forward to reading it!

    my idea of perfection

  33. CONGRATS!!! but... you really do a GREAT JOB on your amazing blog. i love to watch all your fantastic pictures of your home.


  34. I love the new mag Mollie Makes! I picked up Issue 1 at Barnes and Noble here in California, your article was amazing!

    I do believe "granny chic" is my decorating style as well!

  35. dear Tif....... I am in the land of oz and yesterday I popped into my local newsagents and did a little skippety skip because they had, not just one, but two copies of mollie makes....... I took one home to be my very own {I did pay some pennies for it first though...... stealing magazines is not good form.....}

    your article was fabby and I am going to put my feet up this holiday weekend {yes, we have an extra day tagged on to this weekend to celebrate the Queen's birthday......} and enjoy browsing through some of the other dandy delights that I have only managed to glimpse so far....


  36. Methinks the UK/US Molly Makes issue dates rather similar the the UK/US crochet stitch nomenclature. Currently crocheting a lovely hat with at least 4 different stitch types from a US pattern. Head-hurty stuff, requiring constant concentration, which is not easy for a woman 'of a certain age' such as myself!
    Lovely article in MM, though - inspirational, I'd say! Issue 2 is just as good too. Watch out for the Joe Strummer connection. Crafting is the new Glastonbury!!!

  37. Oh my! I am smitten with this lovely publication. I will be venturing to Joanns today with my 40% off coupon in hand and high hopes a copy is left for me to purchase. :)

  38. isn't it just the bees knees to know we have such a lovely publication reflecting our crafty cyber world.
    hurrah hooray for mollie makes

    thank you kindly for all your peachy comments!

  39. I spotted this in my local B&N and picked it up without even realizing that you were in it! What a treat. OXOX