Thursday, June 9

alas and alack dear Leonard...

Leonard the Lens and i have been acquaintances now for i am guessing quite a few months, at least four, possibly five, but lordy it feels like twenty or more. we have yet to move onto the friendship phase, let alone true love phase despite spending many moments close up and me twiddling and fiddling with his bits.

infact i think it true to say, i have twiddled and fiddled with him so much more than i ever twiddled and fiddled with Carlos. ah dear sweet Carlos my trusty camera, a little clunky and dated looking, living life in retirement and enjoying his twilight years upon my desk, close by.
trusty, dependable (at one point), comfortable, warmly souled Carlos

and then there is Leonard, looking mighty spiffy in his evening suit attire, giving me a 007 look as if to say "i'm all it baby" but when it comes to performance he just can't get his act together. his good looks masking a cold soul... sure he can take a nice photo if and when he pleases, but it lacks a warmth, one that i crave. i told him as such yesterday, after which he gave me 1 lovely shot followed by 36 apron wrap photos of tinted glowing crappity crap... as if to say "i'll show you i can do warmth baby" (he uses the term 'baby' a lot because he thinks it makes him attractive to the ladies, obviously you know and i know different)

i wept, he wept, (actually i don't think he did, he does not appear to possess any feelings what so ever) i told him i had given all i could give and there was nothing left to give. he told me "what you see is what you get, if you don't like it, then there is always someone else who will" (see, no feelings at all!)

so we are parting ways, i would say it is with sweet sorrow, but it is not. parting with Carlos was sweet sorrow but with Leonard there is a certain amount of relief on my behalf. i gave it my best shot, he gave it his best shot but his best wasn't compatible with my best, for i need a little warmth, i need a little soul, what i truly need is to find another Carlos

she is aiming now for tomorrow as apron wrap day for the shop, when she has found herself some soul ~ Tif


  1. Oh dear. I had a boyfriend like that ... when it ended, the pain was quite intense for perhaps a day and then ... the relief!! Not having to pretend any more. ;-) Don't feel bad; it's got to be right!! Hx

  2. sad to read that Carlos as given up. i know the, a photographer in heart and soul, feel for you. hope you will find a new good friend that wil blink at the lovely goodnesses you'll make and see.

  3. Lovely work, and sweet reading! I am glad I found you!

    Keep up the good work!

  4. *smile* too cute!!! I hope you find another Carlos soon!

  5. Looking forward to apron wrap day tomorrow. :)
    Good luck on your search for Leonards replacement. x

  6. Oh, I popped by your shop, Dottie Angel. CUTE!
    Come over and see the fairy bed I made this morning. You'll like it.
    I'm off to JoAnn's or B and N to find Mollie Makes. Here's hoping!

  7. Мне очень нравится твой блог !
    Много цвета, света и нежности !
    Катя из Сибири

  8. Hi Tif, Paula Mills here from Sweet William, had to giggle when I saw your previous post - I think we have parallel, cuber, bloggy lives, you got a mention on my post about Mollie Makes here:

    Warm regards - Paula x

  9. ha. love the apron. x

  10. Rofl that story is so funny!!! My husband has this fancy pants cannon digital SLR I am not allowed to touch, as if i go near things like that well erm lets just say I will be the last person to touch them working!!!! My husband seems to think I am some sort of superhero as I am full of static! Ohh he said try a filter lens or play with photoshop, as if us crafty gals have the time!!!!! Ohh i ordered a fabby apron wrap!!! You made the camera sound like a porn director lol!!

  11. LOVE!!!!!! I am seeing you everywhere now fabulous Tiff and I don't mind in the slighteset. seeing you and your world is just as magical & delicious every time!



  12. I have no idea what you're on about, but I liked it all the same. :) Hope another Carlos finds his way to you.

  13. Dear Tiff (Dottie)
    Have you checked out the 'White Balance' feature on your camera? This is the thing that makes photos look tinged white/yellow/blue (depending) - look up your manual and have a further twiddle as you might find that by altering the white balance the photos come out completely differently and to your liking.

  14. thank you for your lovely comments and fabby suggestions. and your stories, gosh i love it when you share stories with me, always nice with a cuppa :)

    indeed i have twiddled with every possible balance and in balance i can find on Leonard. alas and alack i fear i am a canon girl at heart...

    good news now! i have a new friend, a friend with soul :)