Friday, November 12

a cluster of gleeful jam jars... how-to

yes indeedy!
it is a time for gleefulness
and a time for handcraftedness

now before we begin i must tell you several things,

thing #1: this cluster of gleeful jams jars how-to, is perfectly suited to any random sized jar you have lurking around your nests. i found some in the back of my fridge, saved some as they became empty, others i decanted the contents so i could continue uninterrupted in my need to clothe little glass jars in warm jackets. indeed the more different sizes you have going on, the peachier it will look.

thing #2: this cluster would be most suited to a mantelpiece or perhaps the middle of a dining table. just be aware of where you place them if you are using 'night light' candles. i also think they would look quite peachy with red flowers dotted amongst them or red knitting needles. the odd pesky gnome wouldn't go a miss either. i have yet to get my gleeful box down from the attic so you will have to use your imaginations on this one, which of course i know you have by the bucketful :)

thing #3: the only material i used in this gleeful cluster that has not been used and loved before is the cream yarn.

thing #4: i believe the pictures pretty much speak for themselves in how the jackets are made, the crocheted little number i have given more instructions to. but as we go along you will see they are quite simple in their construction and also rather addictive.

so without further ado, here are three little jacket ideas for this gleeful season...

little cosy jacket #1:
* a glass jar
* a thrift store sweater with cream sleeves
* red embroidery thread
* needle
* piece of paper
*scrap of lace
* typewriter (or you can hand write your words)

nitty gritty
using your glass jar as a guide,
(this one you may wish to use a large size jar for)
cut the sleeve and cuff off your sweater
leaving plenty for turning the top down.

place sweater sleeve over jar,
roll down sleeve a few times,
giving a nice 'roll neck' to your jacket.
hand stitch in place with red thread.
next type a little saying
(or hand write it)
stitch your little saying onto a scrap of lace
(i used Miss Ethel here,
but easy enough to hand stitch)
attach your little label to the jacket neck.
place your little sweater jacket upon your jar

and voila!

little cosy jacket #2:
* pieces of old lace
* a glass jar
* red yarn
* dress making pins
* large eyed needle

nitty gritty
lay your jar on the lace
and wrap it up nicely,
making sure you pay attention to the neckline,
this way you can make for a pretty shape.
pin in place.
taking a long length of red yarn,
begin sewing your jacket up
leaving a nice tail at the end

(i am now thinking it not unlike a corset)

when you have got to the top,
start stitching your way back down.
with a bit of luck
you will have some lovely random cross stitching going on.
when you are back at the beginning,
tie off your yarn leaving nice long tails

and Voila!

little cosy jacket #3:
* cream yarn
* crochet hook to match your size yarn
* a glass jar

nitty gritty
crochet a chain the prefect length
for wrapping around your glass jar.
not too loose, better to be a little stretched.
join your chain with a slip stitch,
being sure to keep it untwisted as you join.

chain one and continue around your circle
in half double crochet (usa)
or half treble crochet (uk)
after one row it might be worth
checking the fit of your little jacket

if the fit is perfectly perfect
continue crocheting your rows,
being careful to join at the end of each one
and chain up to start a new one.
just before you reach the neck of your jar,
you will need to decrease 4 times
evenly around your final
half double (usa) half treble (uk) row.
it might be wise to place pins
as a guide here.

then finish off with one row of
single crochet (usa) double crochet (uk).
place your little woolly jacket upon your jar

and Voila!

if perchance the little crocheted garland has caught your eye, no worries. next week, i will be doing a re-run of last year's 'week of glee'.

i am thinking if the BBC can run repeats, then so may i.

she is wishing you a weekend of getting crafty with a few glass jars ~ Tif


  1. sweet- but naughty - now I must tear myself away from swatching and make up little jackets for my castaway jars.

  2. absolutly brilliant!!!!! They make a wonderful centerpieceand, fabulous tutorial.

  3. those are all so darling! thanks for sharing tiff!

  4. Wonderful idea!! I'm totally doing this for x-mas times. Looks as good (if not better than) something from Anthropologie...cozy and delicate.

  5. Love it. I have followed your blog for a long time, and i love all your handcrafts.
    Hugs from Norway

  6. Love and Adore these.....
    you can absolutely do re runs, I for one am looking forward to it.

  7. What a lovely idea for a Christmas display! would be even better with the snow falling through a window in the backgound!
    Thank you

  8. those are absolutely wonderful! i've never wanted to cozy up to a bunch of jars until today. great work!

  9. I love these Tif! You are always such a joy. Thank you!

  10. Great, i love it and the most of your creative ideas! Look at mine shirt for glases:
    Greatings from germany Nicole

  11. Oh my! I am in love. :) I must stop what I am currently doing and make some of these jars immediately. :) Thanks for sharing, they make me long for Christmas all the more. :)

  12. Oh my goodness are BRILLANT!

    Thanks for sharing the JOY...I think I just may be able to do this one..well at least 2 out of 3!

    Warm Hugs. xoxoxo

  13. gleeful indeed! especially love the one with the little note sewn on it.

  14. my crafty inspiration meter has just hit maximum!

  15. thanks Tif,,,I love the sweater and the lace idea,,I have done the crochet on,,now I am off to make some..thanks and have a great weekend hopefully crafting..

  16. gosh there are some really crafty people here in this blog world and you are one of them!

  17. Hello jacket #2~ You are lovely! Maybe you should be my first sewing project?!

  18. oh, they're lovely, lovely, lovely...... I am indeed inspired...... thank you for sharing.....

    as for repeats ...... repeats are good and I look forward to next weeks....

  19. Love it, I really need to learn how to make a crochet.
    The garland is so cute too! Lovely pictures as well ^^

  20. These are so sweet. I can see them making an appearance on 'Kirsty's Handmade Home' very soon.

  21. how many ideas! simple and cute... I love them!

  22. bloomin' lovely, how simple but fabulous, I have a stash of jars that are lonely in the dresser as the tasty homemade jam that was once inside is now all gone, so thnks for a great post x

  23. Oh, thank you for this wonderful idea! Always an inspiration to me!
    Have a joyfull Saturday!..

  24. You are just so lovely to show us how to wrap our jars in winter woolies.

  25. Oh tif I love the light shining through the lace, really pretty! Fliss xxx

  26. How beautiful and what great ideas with awesome handicraft! I just found your blog, I really need to see what else you've done : )

  27. Hi Tif, don't they look smart in their lovely jackets.
    Spoilt for choice now, so many designs, guess I'll have to let the jars choose for themself.
    Hope you are having a happy, crafy weekend. Lovely and sunny here in Yorkshire.
    Carol xx

  28. Stunning so beautiful, thank you for the tutorial, I cant wait to make, yours look so gorgeous in a group.
    Lynn xx

  29. I have just popped a link to your gorgeous jars on my blog hope thats ok
    Lynn xx

  30. l-o-v-e your jar cozies! simply simple, yet so very elegant and thrifty!

  31. BONJOUR,
    très beau blog,
    j'aime beaucoup me promener ici, et découvrir votre monde...
    Kiss from my PROVENCE in FRANCE

  32. This would be great to try with doilies so beautiful. I found you through Angela Ritchie, and fell in love with all of your lovely creativity. I just found your challenge this morning, and decided to join in. Thanks for the inspiration!

  33. These are so sweet, Tif, I'll have a go myself. Pop over to my blog some time, I've got a little something for you.

  34. i am so delighted you are inspired by my simple 'how-to' for making glass jars a little cosier this gleeful season!
    i think any creamy/white fabric would lend it's self quite nicely...
    patched felted sweater remnants and
    patched stitched vintage linens and napkins may look quite charming.
    the possiblities are endless i am thinking...

    without your kindness and encouragement i would not be doing what i do, for that reason, dearest readers of dottie angel, i am thanking your kindly :)

  35. I love this idea, but I don't know what "decrease 4 times evenly", on the crochet one, means. I guess I'm gonna have to do some "youtube"ing.

    Thanks for the tutorial! I KNOW I can do the sweater and lace one. They're all so pretty! <3

  36. These are amazing. I've got a whole heap of candle-holding jam jars left over from my wedding, which now sit on the table on my balcony. I was just thinking the other day that I would like to put a little cute cover around them, and lo, here they are.

  37. so sweet! Off to the thrift store i go to look for white sweaters! would you consider telling us how you would knit a little sweater cosy?

  38. What a lovely blog! I've just stumbled upon it and cannot wait to follow along. Thanks for sharing your beautiful cleverness!
    --Megan Winn (the Binding Bee)

  39. thanks so much for sharing these-i've been on a crocheting kick lately-and i've been saving some jars! :)

  40. love this! now i just need a mantle :D

  41. I enjoy reading your blog so much. I like to knit but haven't tried crocheting yet. Looking at all your fun projects makes me want to give it whirl.

  42. This makes my day. So much so that i would ALMOST take up crocheting if it wasn't for the fact that i am a storyteller, dancer, puppeteer, mixed media artist and new mama to 10 week old Max!

    Love love love it!

    Thanks for being wonderful!

  43. Miss Tif...thanks for letting me share on my blog about your lovely jars...I love your blog and your thrifty ways!!!

  44. so fun, thank you! i'm linking to your tutorial in tonights post at 'deze is ook leuk'

  45. This blog is full of good ideas,
    and fantastic photos that inspire me a lot!
    Greetings from Spain

  46. you are a craft genius.

    simple as that...



  47. delighted your jammy jars will be happyily clothed in little winter coats. thank you kindly for your lovely comments :)

    brina, it means that on the row you do before your final row, you need to decrease so the little jacket goes in a bit, fitting the jar nicely. so you decrease four stitches evenly around the row.
    hope that explains it a little better! every jar is a little different but once you have made one, it is easy to change the shape at the top for others :)

  48. Great idea and thank you for sharing!! Love, Maaike

  49. lovelovelove them! Especially the lace ones - just perfect.
    Linked your post to mine as these tiny fellows perfectly go with my hearty picture.
    ♥ maaria

  50. Your blog .. well it just makes me happy!! :)

  51. It looks beautiful... All white. Thanks for sharing with us.

  52. Thanks for sharing.
    These jars are all so lovely.
    Hugs, Pauline

  53. Cute, cute, cute! I need to practice my crochet with little projects like this and it will add a special air to the apple butter I'm planning to give as Christmas presents this year!

  54. Oh, I need lots and lots of these! And what lovely little gifts, thanks so much. Found you via whipup.

  55. Hola, I know nothing about crocheting, knitting or stitching but you, you are an artist on these things... great and so lovely!!!

  56. Oh I love this simple little craft. What a sweet idea. Thank-you! I will definitely be fitting this into my crafting.

  57. oooh yes! i love
    so simple
    so clever
    so makable

    i'm so grateful
    my christmas table will soon shine with this loveliness
    as i have an abundance of white wool in my stash.. that has been waiting for this kind of inspiration

    have a lovely weekend xx

  58. That's awesome!!
    i love it.
    your work and blog is really inspiring :)
    thanks for sharing!!

  59. Bože to je krásný,jste velká šikulka...Krásné vánoce....

  60. THANK YOU for sharing this idea! I love it! I have decided to budget by alloting myself certain amounts for certain activities, and will be using jars to keep track of my spending. This is the most incredible way to make the jars look less hobo, more refined. LOOVE IT!

  61. These are great! I love them. Linking up at next week. Thank you for sharing this!

  62. Thank you so much for this inspiration! I never crochet before but liked your jars so much that I gave it a try...


  63. Why does the jar's nudity offend you so much?

  64. That's awesome!! I love it your work and blog is really inspiring..
    Thanks for sharing..

  65. Your candleholders are just the sweetest - so lovely! I've got this linked to my candles post too today, for inspiration. Have a beautiful day!

  66. Oh what a gorgeous idea!!
    Think I might give it a try...
    Greetings from Portugal!!

  67. especially adore the one with the old lace doily/placer wrapped around like a corset! I want to do this and put a little candle inside (or flame-less tealight - will have to update my fire safety know-how cause I'm unsure) thank you for sharing! xx best wishes from melbourne

  68. This post has been sitting in my craft tickler file for a long time saying "learn to crochet! learn to crochet!"

    Plus gleefulness and handcraftedness are my two favorite things!

    So thank you! :)

  69. Rose B, mother of three, in NCJanuary 7, 2012 at 10:40 PM

    This is a fab idea! I already have a bunch of variations in mind, such as thread crochet as well as yarn, different stitches, and some combining these techniques with others. For instance, wouldn't a jar covered with sand, crushed eggshell, or paper (decoupage) look even cuter with a crocheted collar? or how about a rainbow version? Various old bits of worn out linens or curtains could be given a new life this way.

  70. Rose B, mother of three, in NCJanuary 7, 2012 at 10:58 PM

    For safety, probably better to stick to natural fibers such as cotton and wool, as acrylic yarns might melt. Certainly no plarn!
    To decrease means that on one stitch, you skip the last yarn-over, and then combine it into the next stitch by drawing that last yarn-over through the reserved loop as well.
    Beginnig knitters could try a knitting wheel in the next larger size, and then use a draw-string at the top, and optionally at the bottom as well. Or, do a flat piece and lace it up like the repurposed lace jackets. That could work with an imperfect piece of crochet/knitting/tatting which would otherwise be a wash-out.
    And I still have more variations in mind. Someone will have to watch me, because now I don't want to ever throw away another jar!

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