Tuesday, November 16

barking cloth mad...

on saturday, i noted to little olive we were close to 40 days until Christmas.
this spurred her into action

i, in turn was spurred into sorting my fabric stash.
what with Lou's pile turning up, closely followed by a fabby swap of bark cloth with the 'ever so lovely' Polly, i needed to make sure all the lovely little bits felt most welcomed...

after spending many quality moments folding each of them,
into the little glass cabinet i cleared out in their honor.
i decided there was nothing for it but to stay in my pajamas all day and play with them.
no clan member appeared to notice i was playing hooky from the usual saturday 'chorey' things,
by tea time i had taken full advantage of being invisible,
notching up a lovely cushion cover for the rocker

and two simple but quite happy slipcovers for two happy stools in the lounge.

previous to my day of 'playing hooky' i had done some 'shuffling' around the shed. the black couch has shuffled through to my studio, giving my folks a nice cozy corner for reading in, away from the main 'hub bub' of the shed.
one of Folly & Glee's lovely vintage shades is at the ready for my dad and his reading material.

on sunday morning, little olive was up early, having a wash and getting warmed up for day 2 of training.
i noted used dog appears to not be bothering with reindeer training this year.

today (and yesterday) i am playing catch up for my day of hooky. toilets need to be cleaned, floors swept, a book written and beds changed, not to mention the excitement of cooking some orange meals in preparation for tomorrow. yes indeedy, hurrah hooray! my folks arrive from across the pond, armed with Cadbury's chocolate and two whole weeks of their peachy company, which i am really, really giddy about...

she will be running 'gleeful re-runs' tomorrow ~ Tif
footynote: a gold sticky star if you spot the pesky gnome in one of the photos! this may require specs or a big magnifying glass :)
footynote #2: actually having just looked at this post, it would require a huge magnifying lens, so if you cannot spot his pesky little gnomeness then here's the 'big picture' to stop you going batty trying to find him :)


  1. I see him, I see him!
    On the porch, perhaps?
    standing at attention with his back to photo?!

  2. love, love, love all of this! you amaze me. :)

  3. I found little gnome! Magnifying glasslessly, and without cheating with the big pic! Woohoo!!!

  4. i'm guessing his pointy head little pesky self is in that clear glass thingy beside your lovely black sofa.....i'm not going to look at the BIG picture yet, but i think it is him trying to hide....ha on him! have fun with the folks!

  5. Just found your blog, and I'm in love. I'm a granny at heart, and love all things cozy and refurbished and given new life. I found the gnome by the way. Great hiding spot!

  6. Oh Tif, how wonderful to have your parents come and stay. I'm sure you will have a fab time together and Mossy Shed will be ringing with the sounds of family chatter and general hubbub.

    Love the cushion and the slipcovers for the stools.

    Well done on spending the day in your PJ's and not being noticed.

  7. I see Mr. Gnome standing in the doorway, anxiously awaiting your house guests.
    Your two newly coated stools are lovely, by the way!
    -Heidi in Folk City

  8. I found him! I didn't have to look at the big picture! YAY! :)

    Sometimes I feel like I have to take a break from everything I'm supposed to be doing in order to be crafty. Chores can wait if I'm having a burst of creative energy. Don't feel too bad.

    Have fun with your parents visiting! <3

  9. Apparantly he's is eagerly awaiting your folky-folks too! He's keeping watch for their arrival (seeing as the dogs obviously can't be bothered) so he can warn you that it is time to shove whatever mess is still lying about under the bed and into the cupboards—how useful and downright un-pesky of him.

    I hope you have a positively lovely time with your clan!

  10. Oh I found your gnome!!! He is waiting for his visitors in the doorway :)- BTW love the white milk glass lamp ♥

  11. nice to know you appreciate cadbury's, we are a little disappointed at how they have scrimped and saved and made the block smaller by 20%. Its just not the same anymore, still our favourite though :-) By the way, love the slip covers!!

  12. Such lovely pillows and slipcovers! Have a jolly time with your folks and those Cadbury bars :)

  13. i see him, but i must fees up that i did need to use the cheat in view of his tinniness and back corner nature of his positioning. i terribly in love with the footstool covers. i have a very lovely footstool that i rescued from a rubbish pile and she is in need of a new dress. are your covers indeed slip on, they look so very professional and upholstered.

  14. have a great visit. Love reading your posts, you are quite funny. I saw the little gnome, after I cheated.

  15. Ahhaha I could barely find him in the big picture. I guess Where's Waldo is not my thing.

  16. I spy with my little eye, ye pesky gnome peeking out the window to see what mischief he can get into outside. J'adore your blog and look forward to each day's adventure. What a heavenly day...playing with vintage fabric...sigh!!! Hope all is wonderful in your little slice of the world :)

  17. haha heehee! nothing like a cheeky pesky gnome on the look out!
    my folks bought him a very visits ago. he travelled all the way from gnome land in Devon, England, just to keep a watchful eye out on mossy shed :)

  18. oooh and i forgot! be sure to wear your gold sticky stars with pride in the morning :)

  19. Dear Tif,
    I discovered today your gorgeous jars! And I immediately fell in love - okay, as far as it is possible to fall in love with jam jars, ;-), but I am sure every crafter knows what I mean.
    Thank you.
    And you know what: I will make some of those today. Since I organize for the next weekend a little craft fair in my German hometown. I will put them on the tables where people will have cake and coffee while I will read a chapter out of my children book for the little ones. Thank you again. Best, Antje

  20. oh yes, yes, YES i do LOVE barkcloth and i do so LOVE your covered stools..PERFECT!!
    yep i do indeed spy that pesky gnome way over yonder by the door in readyness for a speedy getaway, or what lol! :) x


  22. very tricky! have fun with your parents!

  23. I failed, no sticky star for me, couldn't even find him on the big picture! Should have gone to Specsavers ........ (Blighty ad)
    I love, love, love the material you used on the oblong stool.
    Enjoy your peachy time with the folks and the Cadburys.
    Carol xx

  24. Love the fabric behind the glass. I have a bookcase like that where I kept fabric for awhile. It's so old-fashioned haberdashery store-like in the best way. :)

  25. The slipcovers look lovely. You are so creative, I love following your blog.

    Keep on posting and sharing!!

  26. carol do not be sad nor feel down about not taking specsavers up on their ad, you may have a gold sticky star for 'good effort' which is more than i ever got at school!

    antje! this is lovely, i am so delighted to picture the little jammy jars glowing at the craft fair :)

    thank you again my dearest readers for such kindness towards my barkcloth slip covers and indeed a certain little pesky gnome :)

  27. ooh haven't quite spotted the gnome, but did love the slipcovers! and the nicely arranged fabric stash!! how nice your mum and dad are bringing you good old cadbury's, you just can't beat it eh!? you have to try the new caramel nibbles - A-MAZ-ING!! :)

  28. Loving your fabric, such yummy colours! Really like your glass cabinet too and the slip cover for the rectangular stool ( :

  29. Wow, you have a lovely home with the nice details and calm whites... love it! And all the fabrics, the dogs... just great. Like your blog as well! I will come back :-)
    love, Maaike

  30. That Dottie Angel, she is one clever girl.

    Merry Merry!!