Sunday, September 5

a drift...

Mr Hook and i are 'a drift'
i am thinking this and the lack of cadbury's chocolate spread in my life
is causing my sanity to slide.
whilst Mr Hook lays idle waiting for inspiration to strike.
i am busy stitching together the results of our last dallying together.

whilst visiting old blighty we got to dally all day long.
actually that is not true, a total pack of fibs.
another example of my memory playing tricks on me...

the truth being
i would indeed have dallied all day long with him
if it had not been for my crappity crap thumbs and wrists protesting.
they thwarted our cunning plan to do nothing but crochet
for four weeks straight on the road.
so we dallied as and when my little joints were willing.

i was restless and unsettled with Mr Hook.
so we felt it best to make little things,
the little things turned out to be flags
which in turn now sit upon my sewing table
waiting for their moment to shine...

when Miss Ethel has done her bit of the bargain,
i have high hopes of stringing my sprightly garlands up in my little shop window
alongside the other pretties i popped in there yesterday.

she will be back on tuesday with peachy news, indeed perhaps the peachiest she has ever had to tell ~ Tif

footynote: whiskery tale is here, do not ask me how it got there, like so many things these days, i am a little clueless


  1. You are adorable. Love all the beautiful colors. Wow...and what a sweetlittle skirt.

  2. Very frustrating when the mind is willing but the body is not able! Hope your pesky thumbs and wrists are feeling up to hookying soon.

  3. I hope your poor thumbs are soon feeling a little relief and can't wait to see the finished articles.

  4. So beautiful when you crochet the flags!!! Never thought of that... Good idea, thanks:) Really like your photos by the way, truly inspiring!

  5. You and Mr.Hook did a mighty job!!

  6. Such an adorable photo in your pink cardigan and flowery skirts ... hope your day is a good one, and the naughty mouse goes right away, Barbara

  7. ooooooo how i love the bottom picture in this post! your clothes are fantastic :) i need a cardigan like that!

    the sun is shining here today, pure bliss


  8. I found your blog last week and i really really like it. Your pictures and words are just amazing and beautiful. I also like your challenge and I wonder if this will be possible. I thought about it and I as a mom with a twelve year old and a nine year old boy wouldn´t dare it. Not now at least. But I keep it in mind.

  9. I find any product from Cadburys helps your sanity...

    ...went to look around the factory on a school trip this summer - now there's a place I'd like to accidentally get locked in for the night....


  10. Lovely. :-) I trust your news will be peachier than a peachy thing talked about by a Professor of Peachiness at Oxford University! ;-)
    Looking forward to it.

  11. I think the fact that I keep seeing bunting is a sign that I should actually make some. I LOVE the crochet kind but have only just mastered the square[ish]. Think I'll have to do fabric ones because at least I know they'll look all right.

  12. thank you my dearies!
    my cardigan is a three year old one from none other than laura ashley! it is my only piece of clothing from there and i have to say it is holding up well. many of my other cardies are looking less than lovely these days, but this sweetie always cheers a dull day :)

    and antje, yes indeed many of the challengers on my sidebar have their children involved. i only did my challenge for myself but of course the others become included as they are part of the whole household... it has been an interesting year and one i will be talking about over the coming weeks.
    it has opened my eyes up to what is possible but also made me understand many other things i had not thought of before :)

    delighted to know there is a professor of peachiness. doesn't that just make one's day. imagine being a party (if one goes to parties) and being introduced to someone
    "ahh, hello and what do you do?"
    to which one would have to reply
    "well i'm a professor of peachiness at oxford college"


  13. Just love the crocheted garland. Looking forward to seeing it hanging up!

  14. Hello! It's always so nice to visit you! Lovely posts! But where is Olive? is she fine?
    Best wishes Teje and 'Nero'

  15. I love the bunting/garlands!! And your style is the greatest. We (my family and I) went and saw Nanny McPhee returns this weekend and the Mom's style was much like your own. :)

  16. All that colors and flowers are so inspiring.I just want to take my stuff right now and craft!!! :D

  17. thank you my dears,
    little olive is fine and well, albeit a little tubby

    used dog was tres poorly this week but is making a remarkable recovery for one of such great age.
    yes i am pleased to report, all critters in the shed are feeling most spritely considering the crappity crap weather!

  18. I love your pink cardie too, a girl likes to have a bit of pinkiness around her.
    Looking forward to seeing your garland completed and your peachiest of news stories!
    It was crappity crap weather here too yesterday but now the sun is out. The pesky squirrel is sitting on the lawn happily munching on the windfall walnuts so I am off to do battle with him. To the victor the spoils.

    Carol xx

  19. I'm your number one fan, Mummy. x

  20. Your blog is so cute and filled with lovely crocheted inspiration!