Thursday, September 2

another day, another spanner in the works...

'tis tres terrible,
for my computer appears to be on strike.
not with everything, just with reading my little photo disk thingy.
so there will be no pretty pictures,
nor fascinating story about the little mousey under my stairs.

i told my computer "ha! i have other ways"
but then it became clear my computer is wise
and anticipating ahead, it has hidden Carlos's camera cord.
i fear jealousy is at the bottom of this,
i have found 4 little photo disc thingies in the shed
and not one is acceptable for my computer.

to add to my tres terrible time with gadgety things,
my iron of 10 years has given up the ghost this morning.
my back to work day has be scuppered before it began...
as i rarely pin the little pieces of goodness that get stitched together
i do need them to be flat and pressed.
without this they become most pesky with a life of their own...
i fear my plan to add a few wares to my bare shelves has been delayed.

this has all come at a time when my knees
appear to have given up any pretence altogether.
even with the best intentions in the world
they can no longer do anything other than sag...
i have had to stop looking at them,
for every time i try to correct their posture
they remind me that it is only weeks away before they turn 42
and quite frankly there is no longer any point in pretending otherwise.

i explained to them that perhaps they were giving up a little too early,
to have a little faith in their knobbly selves
and try a bit better with the sagging.
in return they told me
"bugger off Tif, we are tired, we are saggy and if you think we are bad,
then look behind you one of these days, your derriere seems to have joined us"

i have no choice but to go thrifting for a new iron.
therefore distracting me from my saggy knees...
as for my computer's sulk,
i am hoping for a small miracle so i may be back here soon
with news of my whiskered little friend and some pictures for your perusal.
but as i had as small miracle on saturday,
i am wondering if my quoter is up

she isn't tearing her hair out just yet, 'cause she just got her color sorted and she is thinking it would be an awful waste of her monies ~ Tif


  1. Oh dear. There must be something afoot, for every one of my cutters, snippers, and scissors have come up bunk today! Somehow the never to be used for anything but fabric snips, were used for wire cutting gasp! My rolling cutter rolled over a hidden pin and my back up set went rusty. Yet, I am determined as I've only a week before school starts and clothes must be made. I'm off to search the manicure drawer for my sharpest nail clippers!

    Best of luck in your iron search, and here's wishing a get well very soon to your computer.

  2. Woe and shame on your consumer electronics! If you have a scanner - have a gander at the cable that goes from it to your computer - mine are the same ... as to your knees - when mine are acting up - I resort to high lycra content leggings - which I wear pretty much under every skirt and frock. Firms the knees up a treat :)

  3. Oh Tif, things are a little awry at the moment, but I am sure a little thrifting will put them to rights

    I trust your day got better. Looking forward to some photos, so happy to hear Carlos has recovered.

    Have a fab weekend.

  4. Thrifting is just the answer my dear friend...
    Just think, while looking for a new dodgy iron one might find the ultimate thrifty find...
    I must say thou looking at your snippets of loveliness that there might not be too many left on the shelves lately...I just adore all of them...

  5. Oh those gadgets and how they laugh at us. I hope you find a suitable iron on a half-day price.

  6. So many pretty pictures I had missed in your last post that I haven't even noticed no photos today! So glad your faithful camera has come back to life Dotty and excuses you from huge financial outlay! But so wish I could see that little mouse!

  7. Poor Tif. Such a run of bad luck. So sorry.

    And about your knees, I'm 30 and I hate mine! You're adorable! Don't worry about a thing! <3

  8. You made me giggle - the computer and the knees, just perfect. Have a lovely day!

  9. De-lurking to say I totally understand the saggy knee thing - I'm the grand old age of 51 and I just don't bother looking any more. The knees are working,the hair's going grey and really, I don't mind.

    Love the blog and am looking forward to Carlos and computer being reunited in happy teamwork, mouses notwithstanding. :-)

  10. LOL What's that secret potion they use in hollywood, tif? oh, i know, it's called botox. perhaps it would work on your poor, tired knees? i would jump to if someone came at me with a needle... ;)

  11. Take heart Tif!

    I do so know what you mean about knees - I look at mine and think of something Miss Marple says in one of her many mysteries - the Body in the Library, I think - about knees being the really sure way to age a woman. Sigh.

    Thanks so much for the comment and the tip about the Flickr group - I have joined and am currently uploading photos!

  12. Hello Tif,

    It's the Brit from the East coast here. I had the week you are having a couple of weeks ago. I burnt through the wire on my kettle, a power surge killed my oven and I reversed my car into someone's brand new cadillac. I felt sure someone was sticking pins into a doll of me and wracked my brains trying to think who I could have upset that much (the first incident was the car so they could have been linked). Anyway, things have got a lot better since then and a small miracle made my oven come back to life so I am sure normal service will be returned for you soon too.

    I am also turning 42 this year but I've decided to develop a case of amnesia and completely forget about it.


  13. Oh dear, what a to-do - no pictures! Even though what you write is just delightful in any case I do-o-o hope that the computer and camera stuff are back to rights again soon [unfortunately, can't help you sort it - being a technically-challenged type of person - but can definitely empathise great big].
    Also great sympathy with your knees - we suffer together methinks!

  14. poor Tif. I hope things go better for you and that thrifting perks you up and brings new miracles...

  15. I'm so sorry I can't help laughing, but you're not having a great time of late, are you? Perhaps if you buy a new iron you could use it to iron your knees and take the wrinkles out, then they might not be baggy.

  16. oh Tif, it always runs in threes! I do hope you can get it all sorted out...I know how much of a pain it is when these things go on the blink.

    Looking forward to reading about your little mousey friend and seeing some new pretty pics :)

    Karen xx

  17. Hi Tif,

    I hope your computer trouble will be over soon! Miss your great pics and works of art! Good luck with the mouse :-)

    groetjes Madelief

  18. thank you my sweeties!!! indeed i am rather 'off' gadgety things at the mo. my computer appears to be favoring me this morning but alas the thrift store did not when it came to irons :(

    my whiskery situation is below this post now, do not ask me how it happened but it did and i am not going to question the blogging gods up above. i am just going to go with it...

    i do so hope your weekends are going peachy indeed
    Tif x

  19. Funny lady.
    My iron would not work for a day but decided to work the next and now is work perfectly. Maybe the old thing just needed a rest.