Monday, August 3

four days after olive comes to stay...

i don't mind telling you dear readers that i was a wee bit nervous about our little olive 'the other dog' coming to live in our nest...

after all, we have a shed load of critters already and every time i add another i always hear a little voice in the back of my head saying, "this is the one Tif, the one that will rock the boat and all it's contents"...

but so far, i am pleased to report, so good... used dog has decided that olive is way too small to cause her trauma just yet, so instead she has directed her attention upon the chickens in the yard. it's almost too much for a dog to stand, they strut around her territory acting like they own the place, coming right up to the house and 'billy no mates' makes no apology for inviting herself in through the back door if no one is looking... (and whilst on the point of chickens, last night as we were dining al fresco, big bertha made no qualms about hiding her wish to be a cockeral... only time will tell, but it ain't looking good for her).

the cats have looked at little olive as if to say "not again, not another odd smell in the shed" and the tortoise, the mieces and the fish appear completely 'blase' about the whole thing...
and so apart from the first night of 'missing her mummy', little olive has settled in rather nicely...
even enjoying her first bike ride yesterday.

i never saw myself as a small dog owner but i think when she has grown fully, thus being less likely to be stepped on in our busy household, i imagine it all working out rather nicely (as i tippity tapped that last bit, i did knock on wood... just in case)

she is once again gearing up for some serious perspiring as the temps stay high in the sky and in the shed ~ Tif
footynote: and may i just say how lovely your 'little olive the other dog' welcome was... how much kindness has been shown to one wee thing, she is a most lucky of luckiest puppy to have such a welcome :)


  1. oh my gosh, Olive in the bike basket is maybe the cutest thing i've ever seen!

  2. Oh my goodness, Dottie Angel! i have Olive's twin here in California and guess what? Her name is Olive...

  3. What a sweet little dog - and obviously very good to sit quietly in the bike basket to have her photo taken!

  4. I love reading your posts - I'm glad little Olive is settling in nicely with all the other family members - she's just too cute!

  5. Olive in the basket....adorable!
    Now have the urge to take my kitten for a ride in the bike basket. ;)
    ♥ Jeannette

  6. well I've just never seen anything cuter!

  7. oh tif...
    how sweet she is...
    We have always been a small dog family and found them to be very loyal and great friends...over my many remember all of them fondly...corgi, jack russell, basset hound, and even two very beautiful dachshunds...she will fit in just perfectly and be a wonderful addition to your "Mossy Shed"...

  8. I loved your blog before and now I love it so much more! Olive is so adorable! I have a mini dachsund they are the greatest dogs! Is Olive a dachshund? I think she is but her colors are so cool! :) Love her in the basket!

  9. olive is such an adorable puppy! love the photo of her in your bike basket. shes the perfect size for a bike ride. love.

  10. Oh Tif, she's such a little bundle of cuteness!I'm desperate to have a little dog but I'm yet to persuade my hubby! I'm working hard on it, I've already picked his name too! Wilson!
    Rachel x

  11. Oh she is so cute, I have always had large dogs but our current dog is a Westie and I've really enjoyed
    her. Your house sounds as mad as mine animal wise.

  12. My littlest wants to know what type of dog your littlest is! When she grows up she wants a doggy just like Olive. x

  13. little olive is a mini dachshund... i too have never seen colorings like hers on a wee doxie and i do think that is what 'made me fall' so quickly for her...

  14. Oh, my word, you are killing me! The bike, the basket and precious Olive are over the top, but your lovely panniers...did you make them? Please tell me where you got then, so lovely.

  15. the panniers, dearest kathe came from a visit to the UK last year. they are by kitsch kitchen.

    hope that helps!!!

  16. Little Olive is just the sweetest wee thing. I've been thinking off an on about getting a wee dog for the kids and you're kind of swaying me to the side of doing it with all these sweet Olive pictures.
    (Olive is my daughter's middle name).

  17. Hello Tif
    I've just accidently found your blog and have fallen in love with little Olive! Coincidently we are 'expecting' too. Higgins, a black and tan miniature dashchund will be coming home with us in the first week of September when he'll be 8 weeks old. Now I've seen Olive I can't wait! I hope her tummy upset was over quickly! I'll be back for more!