Friday, January 23

me and my 'donna noble' moment...

i approached the junction, turning my indicator to 'right' but then it happened..."silly me" i said out loud..."silly, silly, silly, silly me..."
maybe it was temporary snow blindness, perhaps a foggy brain from left over flu or quite possibly too many 'paint fumes' in my little body, who knows what caused me to lose my way, to faulter from the 'path of righteousness'...the path of 'goodness and thriftyness' all became quite clear.

"i thrift, therefore i am"...oh, the wise words from our ancient history, someone, somewhere in time, oh so long ago muttered those very words and i remember that moment all too well, 4th year history class "i thrift, therefore i am" and that was it, a whole new path in life was laid before me...
and so i switched my indicator to the left and the lights turned green. it was all so very simple, going to the thrift store was not a 'recreational' visit as 'my clan' view it,
no, it is a quite obviously a 'business trip' of the utmost importance, without it i would not be able to 'dottie angel' the world, one treasure at a time.

so what i was thinking in making my 'resolution #3' was total madness. not to mention the health implications of such a 'display of abstaining' health would start to suffer ("but Tif" i hear you ask "don't you get allergies from the thrift store?"...ahh, very observant of you dear readers, but let's just ignore that little detail for now eh?). without my regular dose of 'thrifting' i would start to become a 'recluse', become 'withdrawn' to myself all the time and not just some of the time...the list could go on, all heading towards a 'tragic decline of Tif'...

i pulled up to my destination, feeling a little light headed...but i stilled my beating heart by thinking of all your voices saying "turn left, turn left"...i went inside and started my usual the furniture dept i found it, lonely and neglected...oh yes, the treasure who's destiny could have been quite different if i had turned right. it was in my stars to turn left and save this little lost soul...
interestingly i was not the only one to see it's potential.
as i staked claim to my little prize, the man circled my area...looking at other items but all the while keeping one eye on me and my 'find'. i felt like a mother and her baby gazelle trapped by a hungry new 'baby' was too heavy to pick up and too big to fit in my cart. i needed to get help but that would mean leaving my 'baby gazelle' for the lion to take it's opportunity and pounce...
i left my cart close by and took three steps away, he took three steps was no good i was going to have to come up with a better plan...i moved back to claim 'my baby' once again and then it came to me. "ha" i said (not super loudly cause i'm rubbish at confrontation, but just enough to let him know who was going home with a baby gazelle tonight)...i crouched down, removed the drawers, placed them in my cart and went off to find help...leaving him looking at the 'carcass' with it's 'inners' missing.

so my little mid century modern 'treasure' who was in a sorry state, (due to the previous owner requiring 'glitter, markers, chewing gum and stickers' in her life), is feeling much better since receiving some 'TLC' from me...and setting up residence in my studio

...and i promise from this day forth to always "turn left" on a wednesday, so other little 'baby gazelles' maybe be saved from a life of 'neglect'...

she's thinking you maybe having India Rose withdrawals ~ Tif


  1. Love this glad you have seen the light and will continue to awe us with your wonderful finds (saves).
    I love reading your blog :-) It always puts a smile on my face.

  2. I was getting so worried! I don't really know if a world in which Tif isn't free to thrift to her heart's desire is one worth living in!

  3. oh tiff...i'm so glad you turned...yes it was the right thing to do...i have moments like this...when i say to myself if i drive past and there happens to be a free parking stop out the front it is ...ment to be...
    your thrifting is..ment to be...

  4. You are a wonderful writer! Honestly, I think cutting down on chocolate is enough to ask of yourself this year!

  5. she's a beauty tif and looks perfect in your studio. great find. have a lovely weekend. x

  6. Yay for turning left!! I just love it and those legs - fabulous!

  7. hurrah!!!!!!!!!!!!

    i believe ugo betti said it best "at a given moment i open my eyes & thrift. & before that, for all eternity, what was there? nothing." ;-)

  8. Gorgeous fabric on the drawers. And I think I have a thrifted sheet like the one you have on the the floor...

  9. I just left a comment, but it looks like it disappeared. Now I'll try to remember what i wrote...

    I really must steal that expression 'having a Donna Noble moment'. She is (was) fab isn't she.
    Looks like you made the right choice anyway, and what a triumph to have escaped that Lion!

    Hello btw - I have been lurking around here for a while :o)


  10. Turn left will be THE saying of

    Also, my heart nearly burst when
    I clicked the Indy link ...


  11. Oh! I'v never been so happy for someone to make a left turn!