Wednesday, January 21

first real test...

if you recall (and if you do then you get a gold star, you know the ones...just like your primary school teacher would stick in your exercise book and write 'V. Good' next to it. at last you had worked out which way round a 'b' and a 'd' go and she no longer would have to tear her hair out and go home reaching for the gin bottle...)

and so we must recall a time before the 'snow storm' to end all 'snow storms' hit 'the shed' we prepared to 'batten down the hatches' not knowing at the time that it would snow for 'nine days and nine nights' (okay so it did stop every now and then but i'm telling you it was a lot of snow, especially for a wee brit like myself) do you recall i started a yarn project...

well i finished the project before christmas but with only being granted a few hours of internet access on christmas eve (a small miracle i believe) before it was so cruely snatched from us for another week (including access to tv and phone...yes, would be true with the snow as well, i do believe we could almost have been living a 'little house on the prairie' existence. i really am doing a lot of digressing...i put it down to 'chocolate' withdrawal. i did succumb to my addiction yesterday, but less than the usual quoter was digested therefore my body is still going through a transitional stage of 'trauma')

so here it is...modelled by the 'ever so lovely' Mabel

my little 'scarflet' that i based upon my lovely friend Debbie's scarflet...i am most pleased with the results and once again have proven to myself that if i don't follow a pattern and make it up...i always finish the project and it always seems to 'work out'...

tonight, will be another 'test of strength' in my growing battle against my new year resolutions...yes, dearest readers it is 'dance night'...and you know what that means don't you? my usual night for thrifting. i can see it now, i will tip out our #2 and leave the parking lot, turn onto the main road and then stop at the 'lights'.
right there, at that precise moment i will feel just like Donna Noble from Doctor Who...she sat at the 'T-junction' and had to make a decision as to whether to turn left or turn right. a decision with massive consquences...turning one way would cause the end of the universe, turning the other way would save the universe.

i can see this will be me tonight...fighting the urge to turn left, just in case there is a 'never been seen before, i must have you treasure' at the thriftstore with my name on it which needs to 'be saved'...or do i turn right, taking the road to 'the shed' and 'my kitchen' that will need clearing up after another unsuccessful 'trying to be fabulous' cooking fiasco...

she's wondering if she is strong enough to avoid temptation of the 'thrifty kind'...and also why her 'vegetarian broccoli pasta bake' from last night did not receive a standing ovation from those who sampled it ~ Tif


  1. pretty scarflet! perhaps you should just stick to meat and 3 vege when you cook??? Rachaelxo

  2. of course you're not strong enough to avoid temptation - you haven't had enough chocolate!

    i say turn left and pick up some chocolate on the way to the thrift store!

    (i'm not really helping, am i?)


  3. That is a great picture of Mabel - it looks like she's floating on air.

    Love the scarflet!

    So...? Did you resist temptation or cave? Actually, it's not 'night' yet. So, nevermind.

    (I'm sending out vibes that you go left. I want to see what you find!)

  4. I have purchased no vintage linens since January 6th. Yea for me. I even walked away from some beautiful vintage bark cloth today, aah, so painful. It was red and matched my kitchen...

  5. turn turn...
    the most amazing bargain of all time could be there waiting just for you...and after all you have been stuck away in a snow storm for far to long...
    you deserve that bargain...go get it...

  6. okay- nice scarf! and going to the thrift store is an essential part of being a designer, how are you supposed to stay inspired and 'fresh' if you have no new resources to look at? In fact, thrifting is work, hard work and must be endured for your art.