Monday, December 15

Gladys and the cold...

it's been a bit 'brass monkeys' around here...not a lot of snow to show for it yet, but i've been informed by my lovely 'dears' that more is forecast and this time it's gonna be big.
they are keeping fingers and toes crossed there will be no school...what they haven't fully comprehended, is their mother has not done the best part of her christmas shopping, therefore requiring the few remaining days of school to complete her task. without those days, it isn't looking good...

but let that not distract from Gladys looking a treat at the weekend...

however something was missing...
as i don't do well in cold climates and must remain indoors at all times swathed in knitted attire and crocheted blankets, it became apparent there was only one person for the job...
the mistake i made was not to supervise the job, by the time i looked it was too late...i desperately wanted to correct the non evenness (why didn't i just put unevenness? what is with the 'non' business) of the lights but alas my
'snow and cold' allergy did not allow me the comfort...

shouting from a window
"but it's just not quite how i imagined" did not go down too well.
i quickly retreated so as not to catch the barrage of abuse that was hurled in my direction.

i have decided that it is good for me to 'suffer' this way, after all i have had full control over mantelpiece decorating (i caved at 10 trees and just shifted the whole display along) and must allow my man his 'uneven' lighting of Gladys...

she's out and about tomorrow, snow willing ~ Tif
FOOTNOTE: having just taken a second look, i see now that my man was only 'mimicking' my uneven garland hanging... thinking that's how i like it...sigh


  1. Wow Tif, Gladys looks spectacular! Perhaps you could string mini lights to the airstream on your mantel in the 'correct' manner! :D

    This below freezing stuff is getting a bit silly now don't you think? I'm all for snow, but super cold days without snow to show for it are just not right.

  2. Gladys looks beautiful with a light dusting - maybe the one on your mantle-piece needs a little bit of icing sugar?

    No hint of snow here, it's a tropical nine degrees! - just the way i like it...


  3. Gladys looks just fine, your mantel is fabulous, loving the trees, loving the garlands . . . Rachaelxo

  4. Uneven garland? What uneven garland? I love it! What a gorgeous looking mantel. The 'jaunty' trees are a fantastic idea. It all looks very Dottie Angel-like.

    Best of luck with the last of your shopping!

  5. oh tif,
    i so wish i could bundle up "glady's"
    and bring her over here...i'm sure she would love to be where its hot and summer most of the year...but alas she would never be covered in a sprinkle of winter wonderland and look this pretty...

  6. I wonder about men sometimes and I find it alarming how they seem to dominate the design just don't make sense to me.

  7. doesn't she look glorious all lit up in the snow.

  8. I think she looks perfectly jaunty that way!

  9. p.s. Do you read Resurrection Fern's blog? She is a fellow doily-lover. You -must- get there if you don't! Major doily love.

  10. Wow. The snow has transformed Gladys into a winter wonderland. Love the lights, too!

  11. I'm quite certain that Gladys wants her lights a little "cool yule" looking. She's like that. ;)

    Love the miniature *Gladys on the mantel... heck I love that whole area!

    *Is this Gladys' younger sister?