Friday, December 12

christmas 'crafty' part two...

the corner of my studio is fast becoming a 'little' grotto and some might say a 'little' grotto with 'little' taste...the 'jaunty' trees have multiplied to a count of eight.

they have been joined by some 'pesky' little wood cutters from here, who do not appear to treat 'furry woodland' creatures as one should...(can you tell when a 10 year old boy has helped...i have corrected most of the massacre, to save your delicate dispositions...)

the 'garlands of joy' were created ever so easily...when the idea came to me a few weeks back i had dreams of vintage wallpaper etc but alas i do not have stacks of vintage wallpaper in my possession and even if i did, i doubt i would be able to cut it up for this purpose...
so the next best thing i feel is 'scrap booking' paper, i live in a land of 'scrap bookers' really is 'big' here, thus our local craft shop is just full of beautiful printed card stock ready to be transformed into a paper garland for my little 'grotto'...

this is where i shall mention a few items that are needed.

1. several yard lengths of lace and ribbon
2. 'die cut machine' or 'patience and a stencil'
3. parent to operate 'die cut machine' in craft store
4. preferable a parent with lots of technical ability and 'calmness'
5. parent who is willing to spend the best part of his first day of 'visiting' in a craft store surrounded by females cutting out tons of snowflakes and deer

i am actually pausing here, while i am it really necessary for me to even tell you how i have made my little paper garlands, it really is a 'no brainer' for you crafty lot and let's be honest, it's really a little late for it as well.
but on second thoughts, i shall go on, just in case somewhere in a far corner of our globe, a little person like myself is wishing to make a 'little' grotto and for the life of them can't think where to get started...

continuing on, take home your 'cut outs' and parent...congratulate him on a job well done, give him a cup of tea and then set him to work on yarn 'snowball' making whilst you continue with the garland...

now it's all a little 'hodge podge' from now on, but all one does is stitch with the machine the said piece of 'cut out' (for example, a snowflake) leaving threads to dangle and moving on along your chosen 'strand' of lace or ribbon, stitching 'cut outs' in place. i made various differing lengths of garlands to add to the 'i just threw it up there' look i was aiming for...("we don't believe you Tif"...i shall ignore that)

i have only the trees left to work on and then my 'decor' for this christmas is complete...and just before i go, i have decided if it's good enough for the great british broadcasting corporation then it's good enough for my little's a repeat of my door wreath and door hanger for anyone who likes 're-runs'

she's off to 'batten down the hatches' as snow is forecast ~ Tif
FOOTNOTE: the circle garlands were not made by moi, i picked them up a few years back at a craft show...they are just perfect with my 'little' garlands, in fact quite honestly they make the whole thing have a 'wow' factor that it was missing before, would you not agree :)
FOOTNOTE #2: i do believe i have found the 'crafty' person behind the 'dot' garland on etsy...
i was just doing a little trawl around and 'hey presto'...


  1. The little airstream with the gnome is killing me!

  2. Oh, a tiny Airstream trailer...your decorations are enchanting, as are you! Happy holidays.

  3. Oh my goodness that is the cutest wee corner I have ever seen! Your garlands and airstream w/nome beats any Christmas village I have ever seen hands down. Love it, love! Happy Christmas!

  4. delightful! had to kirtsy this one...

  5. Is it a little Airstream or is your house very large?

  6. thank you karey m...i am delighted to know i have been 'kirtsy' ed...

    Tif ;)

  7. ahhhh so lovely tif, i love your little corner, so so pretty. i just bought some little raindrop garlands at kategreiner. x

  8. As always, I'm totally in awe. And I need stockings too... Look Tif! What's that over there?! (grabbing the stockings and making a run for it)

  9. Oh please tell me where you found the bitsy Airstream! I love your decor :)

  10. I love all this!! Your garland is fabulous, and the photo of the mantel is soooo cute! Love that trailer.

  11. I'm such a sucker for garland. I love these!

    The whole ensemble is gorgeous. Very inspiring!