Tuesday, October 28

good for nothing...

please excuse my little 'leave of absence'...i have been struggling with my 'creative' juices.
i believe this is all down to my lacking a daily dietary intake of chocolate has been five days since the 'horror' of the empty jar discovery.
five days of no 'hearty start' to the day...five days of going to the cupboard to grab the white bread (yes white, none of this healthy brown grainy stuff) only to feel my heart sink when the realization of my cadbury's chocolate spread 'morning moment' was not to be...

day 1 : toast with dark chocolate sauce on top...just so wrong it's not funny, managed two mouthfuls and couple of choking sobs...

day 2 : organic toasted rice flakes (belonging to our #1 and #2)...managed to eat half a bowl but only when covered in two heaped spoons of sugar.
(after 48 hours i am starting to get withdrawal hands are shaking)

day 3 : defrosted croissant (found lurking near the mouse in the freezer)...probably edible if i hadn't caused it 'trauma' with the microwave.
(by now the 'sweating' is setting in)

day 4 : organic oat bran flakes (belonging to my man)...little pieces of cardboard...once again made digestible with several large helpings of sugar.
(by now i have starting 'babbling' to myself and 'twitching' on occasion)

day 5 : a banana, not a nice one, but the last one in the fruit bowl that no one wants and is destined for the compost heap but out of desperation i eat it...covered in milk with plenty of sugar and trying not to look at the bruises...
(and yes dear readers, some strange 'hair pulling' movements)

so there you have it...apparently my man informs me it will take two weeks for my shipment to come...i have 9 days left.
it is quite obvious i am 'good for nothing' without my cadbury's chocolate spread (stop suggesting "nutella" cause it ain't the same) ability to ramble on my blog is near on impossible ("technically Tif that isn't have managed quite a good ramble today"...i shall ignore you saying that).

my ability 'to craft' has been jeopardized by my weakening usual 'slips per day' ratio has been greatly diminished...and i am fearing for my 'photographing' skills tomorrow when i start day 6 on a 'rivita crispbread'...

she is hoping the calvary (fedex) arrives sooner than expected ~ Tif
footnote : thank goodness my Dad has had a 'hearty' breakfast across the pond...he is 'on the ball' and kindly pointed out to me that it is not 'calvary' that i need but 'cavalry',
you see what happens without my 'daily dose'...the 'madness' is setting in :)


  1. hold on, i missed something didn't have a MOUSE in your FREEZER? i have to go back and do some re-reading. i feel a bit sick now. i've put down my bran flakes, i don't think i fancy them now.

    good luck tif. as always, i'm rooting for you.

  2. why wait ..... :)

  3. Ohhh it's worse than I feared! The chocolate spread withdrawl has hit you full force my dear. Hang in there babycakes!

  4. dearest Fran, have you been sleeping in class? you would not be getting high scores if this was a test...

    we are talking about this little mousey...

    and my croissant was not nestled up next to little mousey, there was a minute cardboard box protecting one from the other...

    lindz, i have never been called a 'babycake' and i think i like it ;)

    e, thanks for the link...

  5. dearest tif
    it seems to me that you have this cadbury problem all too often (more than once would be too much for myself and obviously yourself as well)...may i suggest a fix? when you get your next shipment - tuck away one of your jars in your unmentionables drawer (or some other suitable place that you will NOT forget about) so that you have always have one backup jar remaining - then when you dip into that jar you will know to place your order.
    i hate to see you suffer so - wishing you a speedy delivery.

  6. I feel the same way about missing my chai protein smoothie today. (Don't laugh - adding protein is the only way I can still enjoy my chai in my newly discovered hypoglycemic state.) In fact, reading this will probably propel me out the door for the chai mix. Best wishes! I'm glad to know you eat chocolate for breakfast on a regular basis. :>

  7. Dearest Tif

    Have you tried making a chocolate type spread that might get body and mind together while you await your shipment?
    Having tasted Cadbury’s Chocolate Spread on your recommendation - and throwing the jar away immediately afterwards I think you could make some

    Butter, golden syrup or whatever Americans use instead, cheap milk chocolate, melted together – whipped and cooled then spread on toast might.

    I would also like to point out to the squeamish that a dead mouse in the freezer is nothing compared to a live one pooping all over your kitchen….

  8. love a cadbury chocolate...even when i know i shouldn't you see i always "get the urge" to nibble some at 3 in the morning...oh thats ok you might as unfortunatly eating chocolate before i go to sleep gives me nightmares.....and i really don't like it...but most of the time i just can't help myself...what is one surpose to munch on at 3 in the morning?

  9. So good to know I an't the only one that loves chocolate spread...!! & can now freely own up, & belong to the others out there that admit to it too...!!
    It's best served up on v v v hot toast, so it goes all runny & drippy on hands, plate, fingers, & well everywhere really, YUM.
    Marion :0)