Thursday, April 26

slipping into the frock shop (so sorry about this terrible play on words)

my friend Beth and i took a trip to the big city. the purpose of our trip was to drop off some dottie angel slips but we also used it as an excuse to drive through the beautiful older districts of Seattle. we checked out all the old houses, chatted about how lovely it would be to live in the city instead of the suburbs, oh so perfect... we took the slips to a store in Phinney called the Frock Shop which has been open for around six months. (now would be a great time to add that it has also been voted the top five shops on MSN, a pretty good achievement in six months). anyhow i have digressed a little (what's new, i hear you say). as you can tell by the name, it sells frocks, skirts, bags, shoes and lots of other pretties, Suzy the owner, studied fashion design in London and also had her own stall at Camden Market (oh how i wish), she is back in Seattle and as well as designing her own line of bags, clothing and more, she has opened her shop. ( i can only dream )

so my slips are now hanging on the rails in this pretty boutique and once again you find me keeping my fingers crossed that they will sell...

Kris and Suzy outside their shops

Suzy parted with her knowledge of the "thrift store mecca highway" outside of the big city, which i plan to visit on sunday, taking our #1 and #2 with me. shall let you know what treasures we unearth...and before i go, just to let you know that the whole ordeal of having my photo taken wasn't as bad as i thought it would be. (i thank you all for your positive comments!) funny how the things you dread the most, always seem to turn out being so much fun...although crisis number two has appeared on the horizon and i will be seeking advice from you on that one next week, it is enough for me to tell you "the gray day" for you to know what i'm talking about ( i choke just thinking about it), watch this space...

keeping you hanging on by the edge of your teeth ~ Tif

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  1. Hello! I just found your lovely blog through Etsy ( I love your shop!) I wanted to let you know that I featured one of your amazing totes on my blog, I hope it's alright!: )