Wednesday, April 25

here i am standing in my bare feet...

so this is it dear readers, i thought the picture above, taken in 1973 was going to be my fifteen minutes of fame. i am the one on the left (aged four and a half ) sporting a seriously interesting haircut (courtesy of my lovely mother) and some very cutting edge clothing...i will not point out my three brothers in the picture for fear of them crossing me off their christmas card lists.

anyhow, the whole point of showing you this picture is i thought that was my 'moment' (being in a newspaper car commercial)! well roll forward thirty four years, dear god that is a hell of a lot of rolling, and my 'moment' has come again! what are the chances of having two moments in one this afternoon, i shall be having my photo taken, which will appear in the newspaper (seattle times) in an article about selling slips on Etsy. this was all very exciting until i realized that i was no longer four and a half years old and looked like 'a sweet little thing' with a dodgy hair cut.

after much thought and about fifty panicky emails to my longest and dearest friend Debbie in the UK, i am now camera ready, or as ready as i am ever going to be...

be kind...i am only accepting positive comments today...
off now to disguise all the heaps and piles around the house as pieces of modern art
from a *shaking with nerves, please give me a drink* Tif


  1. I love this post!

    And you look and are totally lovely. :)

  2. hey dottie!
    that's so exciting you're going to be in the paper! be sure to post a link to that when it comes out!

    awesome slip dress by the way ;)

  3. From what I can see you have a lovely figure and look very nice in your slip:)

  4. to disguise 'heaps' and 'mounds' quickly I recommend shoving in cupboards and shutting door v. quickly. I swear I have a 'pile' pixie in my house too. The slip is divine. Perfect. Can't wait to hear how it all went.

  5. Tif, can't wait to read your article and you, as always, are SO inspiring ...

    And a slip of a girl such as yourself looks lovely in your slip dress!


  6. you are all so sweet to photo momment went very well, obviously it was the training I received at the age of four and a my new 'miracle cream' the angel at Target sold me :)

  7. Where the hell did that old photo come from? And who the devil is that handsome young lad with blond hair in the front?

    Can't wait to see the article - consider yourself definitely not crossed off the christmas card list.

  8. i knew eventually one of you would see it...aren't you relieved you are not the brother sporting the seriously dangerous short shorts!!!

    love you, Tif

  9. indeed you do look lovely and i like that you have not 1, not 2 but 3 links to etsy! i really didn't want to collect another blog but ho-hum...!