Wednesday, March 28

oh you pretty thing...

spent yesterday surrounded by buttons and lace, beavering away at the sewing machine creating my latest set of customized slips...

which will be listed in the shop today and tomorrow.

later today i will be packing my suitcase with my dottie angel collection to take to Tes at velouria.

i will be keeping all fingers and toes crossed that she likes my things and wishes to have them in her beautiful boutique store, i shall keep you posted...

on creative thoughts, my brother ben and i will be collaborating on a future project together. this is very exciting as he is an 'extremely talented self taught' artist and is basically agreeing to allow me to sabotage his art with my textile collage ideas. so watch this space for details etc...

my mind was buzzing all yesterday with ideas for posting and now that i sit here, i believe that i am experiencing "bloggers block", so my dears i shall leave you with this fabulous creation that our #3 child made out of a pair of socks, my favorite thing about him is his name giorgio armani...priceless

*smiles* Tif


  1. very nice blog for today! i like the way you had a link for almost every other word... very techy! can't wait to follow your life.

  2. Love the suitcase and Giorgio is extremely cool. I'm sure Mr Armani would be proud to be named after such a fine piece of work. Good luck at Velouria.