Friday, March 30

if you could see me now...

so there is lots to catch up on from the last few days, first i need to let you know that my header on my blog page had defeated me, i could not get the design up onto the page. that's where my knight in shining armour came in...thank you for staying up so late and thank you for tolerating my need to put my title up "right now and no other time will do" attitude, it's all good...

anyhow, on to more events in the life of moi. took my haul down to show Tes at Velouria, accompanied by my friend Suzanne, who ever so sweetly spent an hour knitting in the local starbucks, while i did my thing. it really wasn't too much of a hardship as the sun was shining for the first time in a very long while.

sitting in the sun, knitting and watching the world go by is a great way to pass an hour or two...

my haul to velouria

anyway, Tes liked my designs and as of today, dottie angel is stocked in a very nice store amongst all these great handcrafting designers, lots of smiling going on around here. another piece of good news is, i will be having my textile pictures featured in the autumn for a whole month, you can just make out one of them to the right of the above photo...this is something that has really made me happy :)

the shop front of Velouria

so it just leaves me to let you know that my family and i are off to the beautiful islands of the northwest for 5 days of recuperating from our busy, but good lives...i shall be sure to be posting some great pictures of our trip and coming back refreshed and ready to tackle the last few months of school, my business and most interestingly our #1 child learning to drive!!

wishing you sunshine where ever you are :: Tif


  1. Sooooo proud of you. All your creations are just gorgeous and the attention they are getting is so well deserved. Enjoy your hols. Looking forward to seeing pix of your adventures. xx

  2. Love your etsy and your header! I have never been able to get an image onto mine either, it's so boring. I was delighted when I found your shop, because when I first had my own apt. at 17 (a while ago!), my roomies and I used to go thrifting and I loved the vintage slips we would find-esp. the ones with the tiny accordian pleat ruffles at the hem, and we would wear them as little slip dresses in the summer. Yours are so beautiful. Have a great vacation!

  3. Yay!!! Oh I'm so excited for you :) I've been to there website and your fabby slips will fit right in there. May the sales be with you baby!

  4. im sorry but your number one child's picture is not doing her justice.

    love, #1