Friday, April 4

not quite 'thing two' and the winners are ...

forgive the lack of 'thing two' yesterday, things went a little 'bleargh' for a wee while and i am taking things slow as i am must conserve my energies for a full day of work tomorrow...

however a pom pom string of happy or two or three must find their forever homes today! i must say i have greatly enjoyed reading all the lovely things you have done for others, or others have done for you this month. it left me with a warm fuzzy feeling inside and a wish to do better for others around me. it is quite marvelous how when one stops still and thinks of the good moments in the day, it truly can turn around a pants time to a peachy time

 and so,
first forever home belongs to Els04
"The nicest thing I did is spreading good luck fishes for free, guerrilla style"

second forever home belongs to Zia Delina
"la cosa più bella di questo mese è stata riuscire a far adottare una gattina leucemica, che viveva nel gattile dove sono volontaria!
Piccola cosa piena di gioia!
Sei fantastica e adoro il tuo lavoro!
baci baci...

the third forever home belongs to Diane
"the nicest thing i did for another this month (though i don't want to toot my own horn about it) (but since you asked) ... i had made a sweet rainbow-colored granny square, about the size of a small baby blanket, and i needed the yarn for something else, so i was going to unravel it, but a friend stopped me, saying she is teaching a young pregant lady from China to speak English, and she'd love to give this to her as a gift for her new baby, and she'd buy it from me, but I was so touched by her story that I just gave it to her, and am teaching her how to finish it nicely. i love your dingley dangly thingies, and my children and I always say "dingley dangly" around here, just as you taught us to."

hurrah hooray to the three spiffy winnners, i will be in touch shortly. 
and to those that are a little sad they did not win, do not fret nor weep for another month is upon us and another little string of happy giveaway will be here soon enough.
and on that note, 'knitty knatty knotty news, thing two' will be here on monday
till then, happy weekend dearies