Thursday, March 21

the many blouses of kathleen's cupboard... part deux

after Kathleen's cupboard and i
had settled upon the fact 
she needed a little pick me up
and quite frankly so did i,

a happy few evenings
were spent
leafing through my old magazines.
then armed with tear outs 
i bravely ventured forth
to my local paint store
where i have to say it gives me quite a thrill.
not only do they know my name
but they also have me in their system!
this is a paint store where tradesmen go,
professionals and the like.
i feel as though i have been promoted to their ranks
that they believe i know what i am doing
"here comes Tif, she knows what she is doing.
lets put her in the system"

i do wish they offered up badges for folks like me to wear
saying 'i am in the club'
then again, perhaps that is not what one 
would wish a badge to say.
perhaps i would suggest they do not have that on a badge at all
and go with something like
'i am knowledgeable on paint, thus i am in the system'
or something like that
but then if i wore my little badge around town,
someone may stop me,
quiz me and my knowledge on the spot
 and gosh!
i could be stripped of my little badge,
demoted from their system and
no longer,
alas and alack,
when i walk through their door,
 can they quite recall my name...
"ummm, hello... sorry, who did you say you were again?"

so for now i think it wise to keep quiet
and not insist on a badge
and in turn
heighten my chances
of staying in the system
with the in-crowd of tradesmen
and such like

both kathleen's cupboard and myself
settled for a jolly aqua colour
(the sort that looks blue
in some lights
and green in others)
and after just one brush stroke
we both got rather giddy and carried away
(and by carried away i am implying 
other victims around the shed
were found pronto,
after i had finished with K's C)

so after many years of new blouses
it is quite true to say
kathleen's cupboard is feeling rather splendid
in her new coat just in time for spring
and i?

well i am feeling rather splendid too

footynote: due to monitors and quite frankly, 'frankly frank' (my camera) being quite often pants at representing true blues and greens, i must tell you, Kathleen's cupboard is rather more luminous than the photos above would suggest. in some lights, she is positively glowing. the colour for those that care to know is Benjamin Moore, waterbourne interior satin, #526 Bahama Waters

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