Thursday, February 19

dottie and daughter ...

truth be told the past 10 days have past in a blur of being Florence Nightingale. 
my cogs are all foggy and i cannot string a sentence together without forgetting mid sentence what i am on about nor my reason for beginning such a sentence in the first place.

before Our Meg had surgery, we dabbled together on our first collaborative piece. 

she wove most magically, i stitched a woolly tattoo and then together we twiddled and fiddled until we said "enough, there will be no more twiddling and fiddling" 

i am beyond happy to have worked with her... 
i am hopeful this will be the start of something but only time will tell for we have a pond between us. for now i will work on enjoying this moment when our two crafty souls became one and not spend my time wishing for more. 
so much easier said then done.